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  1. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Use a third party library/framework, or build it in-house?   

    I'm developing a new application using Foundation. Originally used Bootstrap because that's the framework everyone talks about, but when I discovered Foundation, the better grid (every column becomes its own twelve-column grid) won me over, so I switched. That, and I like that it's less opinionated about how your site should visually look, since my app needs to have a distinct design for the users' enjoyment anyway.
  2. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Some development decisions made prior to 4.0   

    Thirded. :smile:
    I understand why you choose PHP 5.3 as your lowest supported PHP version. 5.4 is already supported by cPanel, however, and it is only going to spread in the time you take to release IP.Suite 4.0. I just hope it doesn't hamper your development too much, as 5.4's new playthings are excellent. Any chance you might bump up your minimum required version at some point during the 4.0 lifecycle, or can we count on PHP 5.3 remaining the baseline until 5.x?
  3. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Prepared Statements   

    Beneath the surface, does the new database class use PDO or the mysqli_ library?
    How about providing a Sphinx driver for everything that requires a fulltext index? :smile:
  4. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    Installing or updating an application breaks custom logos
    When an application is installed or updated, any custom logo set with the "Easy Logo Changer" is "lost". The physical file remains on the server, but the URL to the logo image that is used on the front-end changes to the community's home URL - which is most definitely not an image!  :rofl:
    Some trace of the original logo URL appears to remain, however: if one goes back to the Easy Logo Changer and chooses a theme with the missing logo from the dropdown, the correct URL comes back up. Hitting the submit button then resets the logo as it should be, which needs to be done every time an application is installed or upgraded to work around this bug.
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  5. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    No query string on uploaded profile backgrounds
    When a user uploads a profile background image, no query string is added to the URL to cue browsers and CDN's to recache the image. Particularly when using a CDN, members get extremely annoyed when they upload a new background and it doesn't appear to change for several days.
    A [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/unique-string-on-avatars-r36966"]similar report[/url] was filed on avatars/profile photos, and was subsequently fixed.
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  6. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    IPS application updates not shown in AdminCP
    When an updated version of an IPS application is released, the "Applications & Modules" screen does not reflect this; instead, it continues to state that the currently installed version is "up to date".
    [attachment=45631:IP.Blog Update.png]
    This suite-wide application feature is designed as an optional API for developers to make use of to notify their users of new releases; however, it feels strange that IPS's first-party software ignores this nifty little feature. It could be particularly handy for admins who operate multiple communities as it can show at a glance which installed apps need to be updated on a site.
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  7. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    Emoticons are parsed where they shouldn't be in notification emails
    I received a personal conversation notification email that had a parsed smiley where it shouldn't be. The subject line of the conversation had this in it:

    But the corresponding email I received about it had parsed that emote into the equivalent image:
    [attachment=45581:Email Smiley.png]
    Emotes should only be getting parsed within the body of the actual message contained within the notification, right?
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  8. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    Post permalinks ignoring topic pages
    The post permalinks generated when viewing a topic do not include the "page-#" indicator to signify which page they are on. Effectively, this results in all post permalinks referencing the first page of their topics, where posts on subsequent pages will not be found.

    For example, the first post on this page: [url="http://internal34dev.invisionzone.com/topic/32-discovering-new-page-style/page-2"]http://internal34dev...ge-style/page-2[/url]

    ...is linked to:


    ...when it should be:

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  9. Feld0 added a record in IP.Board   

    "Best Answer" post links go to a redirect, that redirects to the incorrect URL
    [attachment=44524:Best Answer.png]

    The "Best Answer" links, as seen in the above screenshot, point to a long query string URL:


    ...instead of directly to the post, which is where it redirects to:


    Furthermore, the link that is redirected to has an extraneous query string with the post ID. It should go to the following URL:


    And this final URL should be the one that the "Best Answer" box at the top links to. Looks like two bugs in one here.
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  10. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing IPS CDN Service   

    [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1345733433']
    No you might want to research what a CDN does :smile:

    Short version is: browser requests an image from your server. That request actually goes via the CDN so it serves the images to the user. This means your server doesn't have to worry about that connection, bandwidth, etc. to serve the image to the user so it can focus on your real content. Multiply that scenario times thousands of connections a minute on a busy site and a CDN is a big benefit.

    The reduction of server load is only half of it. :) CDN's have countless servers around the world, and when your browser requests a file from it, the file is served from whichever CDN server is physically closest to you. This usually has a dramatic effect on page loading times, especially on sites with complex themes and pages with many images.
  11. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing IPS CDN Service   

    IP.Board 3.4 is turning out to have a lot of "big" new features. You're really out to end the 3.x series with a bang. :D

    I really like the idea of a CDN solution that is tightly integrated with the IPS suite, especially if it will be possible to use it for file storage in the future. I'm curious, of course, to hear which provider the service ends up running through but Mark mentioned that they're still in negotiations there.

    I'm wondering, will the IPS CDN operate from an IPS-owned domain or one of our own? Since this is a feature intended to be as easy to integrate as possible, I'm concerned that it may involve committing all of our static assets to a domain we don't own and that won't serve the assets if we ever stop using this service - it doesn't sound like you'll be making the admin fumble with CNAME records and whatnot to use this.

    [quote name='• Jay •' timestamp='1345722971']
    Please tell me that IP.Board 3.4 will provide a new file name when an avatar is replaced, to avoid the whole, "where's my avatar???" issue.

    IP.Board 3.3 already adds query strings to avatars to avoid this issue. I'm using a CDN on my sites right now and greatly enjoying the speed boost.
  12. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect   

    This looks excellent! I'm working on a custom site that I want to integrate with one of my IP.Board communities, and it sounds like IPS Connect will make it much easier to do this than poring over the IP.Converge documentation. I look forward to snooping through the two example sites to see how it works. :)

    I have a couple of questions: [*]Does IPS Connect require all "connected" applications to reside on the same domain, or can it handle cross-domain SSO as well? [*]Does the mentioned "updating of account information" on any site in the network apply only to the username, password, and email address, or can IPS Connect handle all kinds of account data like avatars/photos, profile fields, "about me" text, etc.?
    Cross-domain SSO and a straightforward API for sharing account data will make IPS Connect a true ace in the hole.

  13. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Auto-share on posting   

    What a neat addition! I see it's already been implemented on the official IPS forums.

    One question, though: can these new share buttons also be added to the "quick reply" editor? I see them in the full editor, but most posts are usually made with the quick reply one, so I'm worried the feature might end up under-used if it isn't available there as well.
  14. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Making IP.Board more efficient   

    Wow, this was a fascinating read! It's great to get a real inner look at how a complex software platform like IP.Board is built and optimized. I'm currently taking a stab at building my own PHP framework of sorts, and this article has been very insightful to me as an aspiring developer.

    I know some people might find behind-the-scenes "dev updates" like this boring, but I personally hope to see more of them in the future.
  15. Feld0 added a comment on a blog entry: Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3   

    HTML emails? I absolutely love the sound of that - and getting to customize their templates, no less. I'm enabling those as soon as 3.2.3 comes out, and I'm sure I'll get a positive reaction to them from my members. But will users be able to choose between HTML and plaintext emails themselves in their UCP's? Some people may, for whatever reason, prefer the plaintext format, and I've seen sites that let you choose between the two.

    On another note, is there any chance we might see post revisions in 3.2.3? There's a paid mod available for them, but I'd be happy to wait for 3.2.3 if they're going to be added to the core.

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