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  1. ran3v4 added a record in IPS Extras   

    [UTF8 1.1.10] Error in /system/Db/Db.php Line: 186
    I've got this error everytime I run this tool via browser or SSH
    Welcome to the IPS UTF8 Conversion utility (v1.1.10)[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    The database is set to UTF-8 and all tables are UTF-8 but 326 table(s) have incorrect collations and need fixing.[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    [f] Enter 'f' to fix table and field collations (RECOMMENDED)[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    [y] Enter 'y' to perform a full conversion[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    [x] Enter 'x' to exit the conversion[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    Running now. This can take a while to complete...[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    Error: Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    File: /system/Db/Db.php[/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=helvetica][size=3]
    Line: 186[/size][/font][/color]
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  2. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    Also... search doesn't work in Haze responsive theme... Its unclickable to input text...
  3. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    Tom, Any update on the images on IP.Content not resizing? I changed this line from 150 to 600 to meet my requirements from the article template " Front Page (Blog Format) "

    <img src='{$record['article_image']}' class='photo' {parse resize_image="$record['article_image']" maxwidth="600"} alt=''/> Also, any update on why the menu gets vertical? My users reported that WiiU Browser, PS Vita browser also get the menu vertical like in my previous images with RSS Reader and in-app Browser... 

    Thanks for your help :) I found a bug that I "kinda" solved... when using HAZE with sticky header and hero panel OFF the mobile view had a white bar loaded after the header (upon scroll), I had to modify your code in  tctc91_skinConfig...
  4. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

  5. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    I've already found it, thank you! The only problem now I have with this is the Responsive theme with Haze, IP.Content images wont resize in browsers, and the menu appears "wrong" in internal browsers (like RSS and our app) but appears ok in Chrome, firefox, etc all for Android. I left the images in the Responsive support because I didnt know were to have them posted.
  6. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    Any Idea why this happens with the menu and images from Ip. Content wont resize? 3 examples, inside my app browser, inside the RSS browser and in the chrome browser.
    In my app:

    And in the RSS reader (The pictures are from IP.Content and dont appear to be resizing, thus make the width outbounds)

    And in the Browser images dont resize, BUT they dont affect the width AND the menu looks all right in chrome: 

  7. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Different price with different Payment Method   

    It happens to me all the time, I want to charge a little more because of PayPal fees (4% + $.30) but I have to up the base price and indicate the real price (with bank deposit) inside the product.

    Is this possible in future versions? Is this possible already?
  8. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Bitcoins   

    Yeah... bump! We need something like this because Bitcoin is really getting some traction! :D Thanks for the effort!
  9. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    A quick question... the Blogs look weird with the font colors because my blue background... how can I change them from gray to black?

    Published on, date, views and tags are all like gray... thanks in advance for your hard work!

  10. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Hi, nice work! Will purchase this and responsive in a minute :)

    1.- Is there a way for the hero panel to only show on the first page (in my case, IP.Content)... I think that as a welcome image works, but not shown everytime in every part of the webpage.

    2.- Is it possible to use a small user photo besides the username in the header instead of the default "person" icon? It would be a nice looking adittion!

    3.- A suggestion... I think Instagram would be a great adittion to photo feed... or even the gallery feed as other mentioned!!!

    Keep up the good work, and good luck!

  11. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    Is there a way to make the slider appear ONLY on certain pages?
    I want the Slider to appear only in my frontpage and paginations, but it appears when I create/edit an article and also in the articles themselves...
  12. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    I also support this! I dont use the upload image from IPB so I embed all the images from Imageshack (with the "img" tag) isnt it possible to pull the image from the embed???
  13. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: IPC Poll System   

    There should be some install instructions... I see the "Manage Poll" Button but the poll just wont show up!

    Is a database needed? 
  14. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: Songs In Profile   

    I also have the PHP error like Dmacleo... BUT the templates for songs and video are not reversible....

    Any suggestion?
  15. ran3v4 added a post in a topic: (e32) Points Per Gallery   

    Does this work on Gallery 5?

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