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  1. Iskander001 added a post in a topic: Looking for a programmer/tech person in Australia to perform paid work on my forum   

    hi , i Australian Citizen in Melbourne, What sort of work you after ? feel free to email me on khurramijazm at gmail dot com
  2. Iskander001 added a post in a topic: Music note font   

    I want to enable music note font on my web page so that user can type in or i can type in music note . Currently i have copy pasted the note characters on to my web page that works fine but need a solution through which i can have support of all the Music notes using a font  on my web page. 
    Please share your thoughts and knowledge . 
  3. Iskander001 added a post in a topic: Quiz System   

    Hi Mikey, Thanks for the email, as mentioned please find below the list of modifications i am looking forward to have . 
    1. Upload Image option per question 
    2. Have Combination of check boxes , radio buttons
    3. Alignment of Answers text  
    3. Using PHP to generate a Bar chart image to the user to show him  where he stands in terms of score with other participants who took the same quiz.

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