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  1. pascalbianca added a record in IP.Calendar   

    Problem with date in calender events on forum ipb 3.2.3.
    Hello everyone,

    In the admincp all the dates are correct in DD/MM/YY
    But the only problem is that in the forum on the right side in the events the date is MM/DD/YY.
    I have search everything but all over the board settings the date is correct DD/MM/YY.
    Where can i find that setting or option to correct that problem? or maybe in script?

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  2. pascalbianca added a comment: Notification of new comments to the articles   

    Did you fix it? because we have the same and i think more people.
  3. pascalbianca added a comment: Problem with emoticons.   

  4. pascalbianca added a record in Converters   

    Problem with emoticons.
    We have updated our old phpnuke forum to ipb 3.2.3.
    Everything went fine but all old post where smileys is used the have only the text of the smiley and if we push to edit the post en do nothing en we save again the smiley appears.
    Why dos'nt work it at the first time?
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