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    Rebuilding reputation resets all users to zero reputation
    Using "Rebuild User Reputation" under Admin's "Recount & Rebuild" resets all user's reputation to zero. Posts within the database do have reputation and the user would be eligible for it to apply against their total.
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  2. Matalok added a post in a topic: IP.Calendar RSS/iCal Export Permissions   

    I'll repost here what I mistakenly put in a bug ticket

    For a private community it would be nice to have this feature.
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    Basic Authentication / Key System for Webcal URLs
    At the moment I provide a private calendar for a select group of people via IP.Calendar, the users in question would like to be able to use the WebCal function to add the calendar to their Google Calendar, but the issue is that because its a restricted calendar Guest access is disallowed so the calendar can not be retrieved by Google.

    WebCal does support the passing of authentication information in the urls (in the format webcal://user:password@url), or another method would be to generate a key for each user, which in turn produces a unique url for them to access the webcal.
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