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  1. iFMF added a post in a topic: IP.BOARD portal application example of usage
  2. iFMF added a comment on a file: Warfare   

    If you put a demo up i might buy it ;)
  3. iFMF added a post in a topic: IP.Converge and Joomla 1.6   

    yes i belive this will work :)

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  1. iFMF

    Is there any way to keep my members if i start a new forum?

  2. iFMF

    can i download beta 3 yet?

  3. iFMF

    Will i have to pay for 3.2 when its out??


      No, i think Matt and Charles will give it to you as a present! Congratulation!


      ...sorry, just see you are a (active) customer. As a ACTIVE customer you can access to all future releases (if your license is active).

  4. iFMF

    can i use my license key when im installing 3.2 on my test board???

    1. Breadfan

      Yes, but add right afetwards "-TESTINSTALL" and use it only on ONE test installation.

  5. iFMF

    were can i download beta 2?

    1. DeRealDeano

    2. LuckyRiver

      Thx for the link, Deano©! IPB poker authentication works like a charm with Beta 2 release! :)

  6. iFMF

    can i download beta 2 yet???

    1. PSNation

      Id you have an active license you certainly can

    2. iFMF

      cool wee do i download it??

  7. iFMF

    When will beta 2 be out???? :)

    1. skindev

      When it is out.

    2. m4ss4

      Before beta 3

  8. iFMF

    Is there any way to edit the number on the Online At Once Record thing?

  9. iFMF

    How do i get things hidden so it says you have to reply to the topic to access it?

    1. Planetby

      go here

  10. iFMF

    Looking for someone to work in Affiliation with. I own a gaming forum.

    1. DarkGizmo

      What type of forums are you looking to affiliate with and what exactly are you expecting to come out of it for both forums? send me a PM with details. :-D

  11. iFMF

    looking for someone to make a gaming skin for me

    1. xCurlyx

      Send me a pm

    2. Stars25

      Drop me one if you are looking for multiple quotes :)

  12. iFMF

    Whats the best way to advertise my gaming site?

    1. Ichirō


    2. Sandakelum™

      making a partnership with other gaming sites like XBOX :P

    3. Wolfie

      Buy advertising on a decent major network (this excludes NBC).

  13. iFMF

    How do i customize/put what i want on portal

    1. .Ian

      make a post on the forums and people can help. :)

  14. iFMF

    Check out

    1. pezza

      Look nice. I like that gaming skin :).

    2. proutie87

      you part of the lol

    3. iFMF

      oh no

  15. Tony Hovsepian » iFMF

    contact me via aim iiohgeezii

  16. iFMF

    Whats the best FTP Program?

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Moeru Wa

      FileZilla :3

    3. .Ian


    4. Hennet

      win: CuteFTP
      mac: Transmit

  17. iFMF

    Who is the best webhosting provider?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. .Peter

      Ew.. If any of those do bouncyservers. Dreamhost is just ugh.....

    3. dogpatch

      we used to use but they got bought out by not impressed by mojohost, but hosthead was the best ever!

    4. erc

      Depends how you're rating. Usually it goes "Customer Service, Reliability, Price: Choose Two"

      I like HostNexus quite a bit for managed dedicated servers. Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered.