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  1. -GR- added a post in a topic: Time to load when submitting new threads.   

    I wanted to post an update. I still don't know exactly what was the cause of the issue other than something with the network from the provider. We have moved the site to a VM, with nginx proxy to apache and perconadb and it has never been faster.
  2. -GR- added a post in a topic: Time to load when submitting new threads.   

    I should add that when submitting a new article into ip.content or sending a private message they both go through very quickly. It's only when submitting new threads. Even if it is a forum with no followers and have ping services disabled which we only ever had the three default ones.
  3. -GR- added a post in a topic: Time to load when submitting new threads.   

    I submitted a ticket to IPS about this and was referred to it being a server configuration issue which it very well could be. We had this issue on our old server and it was getting to be time to get a new one anyway so I wrote it off as being slow hard drives affecting mysql performance.
    Now we are on a new dedicated box with ssd drives. We do have cpanel currently and apache 2.4, php as a dso module with mod_ruid2 and mysql 5.6. The site itself is fast, replying to a thread is pretty quick as well. However when submitting a new thread it takes over 15 seconds for it to go through. If you submit a new thread and while it is waiting to load the new page if you click on the link for the forum you are posting it the thread is already there instantly. We have two sites with IPB and they both do the same. I have one other site with xenforo and posting a new thread with that goes through instantly.
    I am not using any cdn's and have also rebuilt all caches a couple of times and also rebuilt the skin caches. Have also tried every setting in the ACP to see if anything would make a difference along with disabling any additional applications and hooks and still no difference. Would like advice on where to start looking? It almost seems like IPB isn't sending the header redirect right away.
  4. -GR- added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - IP.Downloads Submission   

    It is very nice to see that much of the UI being shown. Looking forward to seeing more of the improvements. Keep up the great work.
  5. -GR- added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Thanks Michael. That was it. I found all the other settings and even the permissions for the permission groups but for some reason failed to find those when I set it up. Looks like it is all working now.
  6. -GR- added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    I don't recall seeing a setting for permissions to submit as other members? I will go through and double check. I did the moderator permissions on the categories and also did the permissions on each of the categories. At first I thought it might be because it was on the test site and I have it set to be offline so I turned it online for a little bit to try and still did the same thing.
  7. -GR- added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    I did a search on the topic but didn't see anything. I don't know if I am missing something setting wise or not but when promoting a forum post to a tutorial why does the tutorial author become me rather than stay as the original forum post author?
  8. -GR- added a post in a topic: Duplicate Posts   

    Have you tried disabling some of your hooks? I know we have had trouble with slow posting due to tapatalk and forum runner until their software was updated.
  9. -GR- added a post in a topic: Sending conversation to a group with recipients prefilled?   

    I know we can send pm's or pc's to multiple recipients. What I am wanting to do is to be able to have a link or a way to prefill the recipients field with members of a certain usergroup.
    An example is our moderators. If we have a member that submits a pm to a moderator and they feel best to add the rest of the moderating team in to the conversation they have to try and remember all of the names of those members to fill in the recipients field. 
    Is there a way I can make a link that will auto fill the recipients field with the members of the moderating team or another way to make something work. Right now we have resorted to keeping a pinned topic in the mod forum for all the member names separated by commas so they can be copied and pasted.
  10. -GR- added a post in a topic: SEO Help   

    Sounds like you should first make sure your server is secure and also make sure you take any actions you can as far as making your IPB installation as secure as possible. Couple tips would be to have an .htaccess login to the admin cp directory and also renaming the admin cp folder and updating the config files as needed.
    I would download a fresh copy of IPB to your local computer and compare the files in that to the files on the server. If you see any files that are not in the fresh download I would investigate them. I would also check your .htaccess files and make sure they don't contain any redirects. 
    Are you running ads on your site? If so who is the ad company? You can get malicious code from ads as well.
    There are a lot of variables in all of this.
  11. -GR- added a post in a topic: SEO Help   

    It is possibly in the javascript as I believe google doesn't care about any java/script and doesn't index that.
  12. -GR- added a post in a topic: SEO Help   

    I am at my work computer and the antivirus picked it up. I am not saying for sure that it is as I know they castrate us here at work. If I get a chance I will take a look when I get home from the home pc.
  13. -GR- added a post in a topic: SEO Help   

    If this is a legitimate request I would say it might have something to do with the malicious content warning I just got when trying to visit your site.
  14. -GR- added a post in a topic: Exporting settings from a test board?   

    This was posted a while ago and no there is no way to export your settings to import into the live site.
  15. -GR- added a post in a topic: IP Board 3.4.1: Database error when trying to merge posts   

    Thankfully our search works but we are also using sphynx so I don't know if that may be why.

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