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  1. Mehk added a post in a topic: Twitter Connect Log In Error #1090094   

    Yep, I have see my topic here
    Seems that you would have to update to the latest version of IPB (in which, I think) they use the new version of the API 1.1
  2. Mehk added a post in a topic: Twitter Connect   

    The Twitter Connect (Login by Twitter) has stopped working on our forum.
    I think this is because of Twitters 1.0 API being deprecated, how would one go about updating this to version 1.1 of the API?
    I have tried searching the forum but could not find any answers on this.
    Thanks in advance,
  3. Mehk added a post in a topic: Twitter/Facebook login/signup has fell over   

    I am having the same problem, can you tell me where you changed the public $host part?
  4. Mehk added a post in a topic: Cookie Bar   

    Thanks for your reply, however I already had that one to display: none;
    The bug is different as the one in your starter post, the actual cookiebar is being displayed twice and there is something else going because it only displays once people are logged in.
  5. Mehk added a post in a topic: Cookie Bar   

    Hey Donkerrood, could you tell me how/where the cookiebar is being appended to the DOM? In my skin I have 2 bars on top of each other. I changed the bit of code to display: none; in the first post of this topic, but this is a different issue.
    When I click "Accept" the bar dissapears but there is another bar (the same one) underneath. But If I click accept and go to a different page the bar is gone immediately, just as it should. I would just like to know where I can see how the bar is being put in the HTML so I can figure out what is causing this.
    Thanks in advance

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