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  1. added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    High Revenue Earning Advertising
    I've recently release a modification that works with the Clicksor Ad Programme ... So I'd thought I'd give you a brief tour of it's potential...

    First of All...

    What is Clicksor
    Clicksor is like Google Adsense apart from it allows for more 'aggressive' advertising basicly it allows you to utilize things other than just banners such as:

    Pop Unders
    Ads that 'pop under' a users browser just like pop ups... These are usually high earners with a CPV (pays you per view).

    Someone who gets 100,000 page views a day can expect to earn around $240-$350 Interspacial Ads
    These ad's appear inbetween views on your website... again these are high earners with a CPI model (pays you per impression).

    Someone who gets 100,000 page views a day can expect to earn around $500-$700 Inline Text Ads
    These ads put links in your websites texts to advertiser, these work on a CPC model (pays you per click).

    These depend on the type of audience but if you got 150 clicks a day, you would be looking at around $4.50 - $7.50

    What does the mod do?
    This modification adds all the options for the above Ad Types but also allows you to
    Turn the entire Clicksor network on/off according to usergroup Turn certain Ad Types on/off according to usergroup Enable inline ads to only work in topic page

    It then inserts the Javascript for you into the page.

    In my optinion this advertising is very high impact and may frastrate your website's visitors I suggest you try it out yourself before enabling it for your visitors.

    Also consider only enabling it for guests, then you may be able to point them towards registering in order to get Ad Free viewing.
    Download the Modification and pictures of the adverts...
  2. added a post in a topic: Demo Board?   

    Hi I have a current license, and list my modifications on the Marketplace..

    I was wondering if I'm covered for a demo website (I need two one 3.1 and one 3.2)?

    I know we are allowed a Test website, but are we allowed to point people to it to demo the modifications we list?
  3. added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    In-Text Ads - Boost your income with Kontera
    In-Text ads are a way to really boast your income, used with adsense they can boost your revenue by up to a third.

    There is one major disadvantage, in-text ads are considered to be quite obstructive to the general feel of your site.... This is where my modification comes in.

    Working with the Kontera network, my modification allows you to disable the ad's according to rules you choose.

    You can

    Disable for certain usergroups For certain forums or categories Disable ads in certain usergroups posts

    You can even allow your members to choose if they want to support your site and opt-out (or even opt-in) to the advertising.

    Download Kontera for IPB
  4. added a comment on a blog entry: Skimlinks - Make More Money with Your Forum   

    You can do it for either :) It's got seperate options for each...
  5. added a comment on a blog entry: Skimlinks - Make More Money with Your Forum   

    [quote name='Jinkler' timestamp='1310362673'] Ooooo, good mod. I may re-enable my skimlinks now, I disabled it specifically because I couldn't make it group dependent, and it was annoying many of my regular members. Thanks!

    Many thanks for your comment, if you require any more features please don't hesitate to ask :)
  6. added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Skimlinks - Make More Money with Your Forum
    Making money from your forum, is all well and good but traditional means of advertising sometimes gets in the way of the vistors experience.

    With our new modification implementing Skimlinks just got a whole lot easier... just enter your Publisher ID and away you go.

    The modification also brings further improvements to your website

    Disable it for usergroups (for example Admins or Site Supporters) For certain forums For posts from a certain usergroup

    You can download it right now from the IPB Marketplace
  7. added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Google Analytics in IPB
    New from Mod-Mall is a Google Analytics modification that add's some unique features to the reports you can access from your Google Analytics Account.

    Track your site speed Google is now using this a metric for search results so you need a more accurate way to monitor whats going on with your site's loading times... See how long it takes on average to load your page, and unlike Google Webmasters it's not tied in to only those using the Google Toolbar.

    It's essential when running a website to understand how different groups of visitors use and interact with your website... this is where our guests vs members feature comes in.. Divide your reports into guest or members, for example you can see what pages your guests frequent and optimize your site to 'help' them get to the register pages.

    Find the Modification on the IPB Marketplace

    We hope you'll enjoy this modification!

    All the Best, The Mod-Mall Team
  8. added a post in a topic: [Feature-Request] Pay directly to members paypal   

    Agreed at the moment even excluding the risk it's still a big head ache in terms of time and also I could see it quite easily been abused for Money Laundering (effectivly a group of individuals could treat you like a bank)
  9. added a post in a topic: [Feature-Request] Pay directly to members paypal   

    Ideally it would go

    Party A buys $100 widget from Party B
    Forum gets commision
    Party B gets $100 less commision
    Party A can now download

    The thing that concerns me is the forum takes the risk of holding the money for party B, before party B then decides to request a 'pay out'
  10. added a post in a topic: [Feature-Request] Pay directly to members paypal   

    Not to sure where to ask for this but.... I think I've found the right place...

    I bought Nexus and Downloads in order to get them working together, and utilize paid downloads.... but for some reason I see that once member x has bought something from member y, member y gets that as 'credit' that I then have to pay using my paypal account...

    To me this seems over complicated.... why not just send the money directly to the member? (if I can do that currently how)

    With the current system, it would be entirely possible to be utilized for money laundering and also puts additional overheads on me (paypal fee's, time/effort).

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