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  1. OrangeMatt added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    Is the theme supposed to be doing this

    Also it seems that the front end picker isn't working I've uploaded all the files correctly :sad:
    and the top button seems to not be functioning
    I'm using my own cdn on the site, I dunno if that would cause the issue. It seems the .js files aren't working
  2. OrangeMatt added a post in a topic: [HQ] Mass PM   

    Update please.
  3. OrangeMatt added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Okay, so new question...

    it is is awarding for some people and not others...the awards are almost randomly allowed to award...
  4. OrangeMatt added a comment on a file: Member Reviews   

    The price tag and failure to add screen shots. The reviews here also seem to be fail. No-one is discussing what parts of it they I am thinking it is friends or something helping sell the product.

    Hate to be the hater, but reviews are for saying what you liked and disliked so people can actually identify who is really using it and who is just putting happy things to help a friend out and who is a hater.

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