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  1. dacho added a post in a topic: RSS feeds for member content   

    We are wanting to have some content from our Forums "plugged into" pages on our main site (different domain, different server).
    One thing interested in is perhaps an RSS feed of a member name.  So for example able to show an RSS feed of "Member 1" - his latest 10 posts and latest topics, or something like that.
    Is an RSS feed like that possible?
  2. dacho added a post in a topic: Member login username and password... where is this?   

    What is "hash" and "IPConverge"?
  3. dacho added a post in a topic: Member login username and password... where is this?   

    Hi there

    I am hoping to use member username and password on our IPBoard Forums in another area of our website (nothing to do with IPBoards) to make things simpler for users.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of the name of the table(s) used to store username and password?

    If that makes sense!

  4. dacho added a calendar event in Community Calendar   

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    Weekly report

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      We all had to start somewhere. :) , just keep asking if you need clarification, eventually it will gel and you'll find yourself answering others questions. :)

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      Well, I just got told off for posting in the wrong place. Makes me wary. It is not totally clear where things go etc. Simply trying to learn

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