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  1. PSNation added a comment on a file: [IPBLounge] Applications System   

    Purchased the application and it, as stated above, is a stunning concept but it does feel like it is in beta stages. It does not feel totally ready to use on a live community but with a few cosmetic changes, a language revamp and looking at some features it will be perfect
  2. PSNation added a comment on a file: [HQ] Extra Forum Permissions   

    Good Idea. Pity it didn't have.

    Can view others topics in this forum?

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  1. PSNation

    could rage at skinbox right now

  2. PSNation

    Payouts taking a long time ......

  3. PSNation

    Happy everyone liked the IP.Content Portal File :)

  4. PSNation

    PSN Down again ><

    1. .Peter

      Caused by hackers?

  5. PSNation

    Loving the way my own user title is now stalking me in every topic

    1. Rikki


  6. PSNation

    Come on Matt get on that blog :)

    1. Breadfan

      If he doesn't post it today, I'm gonna take all the kittens in my neighbourhood and leave them stranded on the trees. IT'S ALL UP TO YOU MATT!

  7. PSNation

    Gonna try to code a hook tonight :)

  8. PSNation

    First marketplace file released; simple but everyone has to start somewhere

    1. Jeuhen


  9. PSNation

    anyone planning an interesting 3.2 gaming skin?

    1. c u l8er

      got a few sketches down ;)

    2. PSNation

      anything I can see? I thought skinbox master olivier would be saying he had a skin in progress :(

    3. Olivier Turbis

    4. ørret

      It's brave of you to leave out brave Olivier.

    5. PSNation

      already have it

  10. PSNation » Lewis P

    Excellent Work On The 3.2 Hooks ;)

    1. Lewis P

      Hehe! Thanks a lot. They still need a bit of work though. :)