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  1. PSNation added a post in a topic: Utopica   

    Not much - would love to see other shots like the topic view
  2. PSNation added a post in a topic: Utopica   

    Looks good :)
  3. PSNation added a post in a topic: looking for a custom modification   

    If you have IP.Content I can design you one like mine. I couldn't design the images for you however.
  4. PSNation added a post in a topic: [PAID] Need a skin   

    Someone who could do both is

    I am unsure of his availability though but always worth shooting him a PM. His skins on here are top class and I know he does wordpress development too so it would seem he would be a safe bet to help you.
  5. PSNation added a post in a topic: Block within a block   

    I couldn't resist

  6. PSNation added a post in a topic: Nice design, but makes it hard to purchase   

    Yes one of those pink buttons beside the 'Try a Free Demo' button would do the trick.
  7. PSNation added a post in a topic: Control new members with auto-promote   

    Yes because the posts are approved until otherwise unapproved in most cases.
  8. PSNation added a post in a topic: [PAID: $200] Subaccounts   

    Judging by the posts on his forum this has been completed:
  9. PSNation added a post in a topic: Need a professional skin done.   

    Ehren is active to say the least. The problem is the sheer volume of requests he receives. Check most of these types of thread and everyone suggests Ehren and this has caused him to be so busy that a back log of requests has been built up. You can't rush quality and props to Ehren that he goes for quality and not quantity of custom designs.

    I think Tom does be busy with other projects too but I know when I reached out to him on these forums via PM he replied immediately so maybe he is AFK on holidays or something?
  10. PSNation added a post in a topic: I need standalone IP.Content   

    When its ready TM
  11. PSNation added a post in a topic: Editor?   

    Would you agree that this change suits the new more than the old? What I mean is someone new joining the forum scene will have no problem adapting but someone who is used to BBCode will be left quite confused for a while.
  12. PSNation added a post in a topic: Disable Mobile Skin Completely   

    You said the blocks mess up on the mobile skin. Correct?

    Then you do this on your IP.Content page:

    <if test="$this->registry->getClass('output')->skin['set_key']!==mobile"> THE BLOCK CODE GOES HERE AKA: Any code you want displayed on the normal skin but NOT the mobile skin! </if>

    Does that answer your question?
  13. PSNation added a post in a topic: Editor?   

    +1 to Marcher above

    I am not liking the way this new editor is being described. It seems you are dumbing the editor way down, so far down it is even below the average users standards. I dread to see how complex posts will turn out with this new editor.

    Keep BBCode in or your just confusing things even more for the average user.
  14. PSNation added a post in a topic: Vertical Tabs Dynamic   


    I was wondering is there an easy way I can use the vertical tabs layout to achieve something like this:

    I will type in all the content myself. Just stumped on how I would do it
  15. PSNation added a post in a topic: Wordpress Database Conversion Help [Error]   

    Change mysql server host to 'localhost'

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    Payouts taking a long time ......

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    Happy everyone liked the IP.Content Portal File :)

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    PSN Down again ><

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      Caused by hackers?

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    Loving the way my own user title is now stalking me in every topic

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    Gonna try to code a hook tonight :)

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    First marketplace file released; simple but everyone has to start somewhere

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    anyone planning an interesting 3.2 gaming skin?

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      got a few sketches down ;)

    2. PSNation

      anything I can see? I thought skinbox master olivier would be saying he had a skin in progress :(

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      It's brave of you to leave out brave Olivier.

    5. PSNation

      already have it

  10. PSNation » Lewis P

    Excellent Work On The 3.2 Hooks ;)

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      Hehe! Thanks a lot. They still need a bit of work though. :)