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  1. Dundurs added a record in IP.Nexus   

    VAT calculation is confusing
    VAT calculation for multiple items is incorrect. Example:
    I have an item for 12EUR. Base price 9.92EUR and VAT 2.08 EUR (21%)
    When a customer selects 5 items, he knows the total must be 60EUR. He sees it when updating items count, but on checkout he sees 60.02EUR. This is wrong for customer. Nexus uses to simple arithmetics to calculate grand total. It sums base price and calculates VAT for it.
    To get a correct values it must sum base prices and sum VATs for every item and sum them at the total. This will be valid for customer and bookeeping as well.
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  2. Dundurs added a comment: Archiving system ignores forum filters   

    The same for me. Now more than 80% of forum is archived.
  3. Dundurs added a comment on a file: Facebook Video   

    Looks like FB has changed again and this code stop working.
  4. Dundurs added a comment: Viewing Calendar Events from iOS Device   

    The same on my board.
  5. Dundurs added a comment: Voting up/down for images not working   

    As Bfarber suggested I've opened a ticket and now Great Support guys solved this problem for me. It was a bug of this release.
  6. Dundurs added a comment: Album on Board Index thumbnail skewed.   

    The same on user profiles, looking for user albums. It can be seen right here on IPB site also.
  7. Dundurs added a comment: Voting up/down for images not working   

    The same for default IP.Board skin and actualy not only in Gallery but also on articles and comments. The only place where it works is Forum posts
  8. Dundurs added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Voting up/down for images not working
    Voting not working after update to IP.Gallery 5.0.4. Trying to do so gives error: Invalid rating.
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  9. Dundurs added a comment: Problem with a date   

    The same for Latvian.
  10. Dundurs added a comment: CTRL+B and others "shortcuts" not work in Editor   

    The same on Macs wits CMD+C
  11. Dundurs added a comment: View Standing throws DB error   

    The same!
  12. Dundurs added a record in IP.Blog   

    Owner can't comment without approval
    Even owner of the blog can moderate his own blog, he can't post comments without approval if he sets own blog to approve all comments. Of course, not a big problem, but if he comments he must approve himself.
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  13. Dundurs added a comment: Currency problem   


    Best currency for Latvia is Lats. Probaly in 2014 it will change to EUR. If I set it to Lats I can not use common payment gateways (not problem for other e-comerce software). Of course I can use EUR for now, but what locale you can suggest for me?

    Easiest way for overriding locale is set it YES/NO way not using locale strings or have this YES/NO as option.

    Best way is to set multiple currencies as asked by more of your customers.
  14. Dundurs added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Currency problem
    Of course it is not a real bug but wrong by design. If I have product in store and it value is set to EUR (for example) it is absolutely wrong to change currencies on client side depending on language choosed by client. Nowhere on the world the currency rate is 1:1. It must show the currency set for store for everyone or let client to choose what thay want but value must be recalculated by rate set in store settings as rates for the same currencies are different in countries.

    The best way will be to set default currency for store and set allowed currencies for clients as well as set those rates.
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  15. Dundurs added a comment on a file: Tapatalk Forum Application plugin for IPBoard 3.4   

    Typo in Settings " Advanved Delete Option " ;)

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