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  1. Jazman added a post in a topic: New install, FURL Issues   

    Ok so that link didnt really help me much, i wasnt really sure what to look for and i dont think i have a web.config file, also im using parallels plesk to run the webhosting side of things if that makes a difference.

    EDIT: GAH! i just realised its running IIS 7 :(
  2. Jazman added a post in a topic: New install, FURL Issues   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1346543338' post='2303856']
    You should also look into Mumble or Ventrilo. Mumble is the new up and coming voice client that is supposed to put Vent and TS to shame.

    Sorry i mean mumble (switched to it last month) i like mumble, tis pretty good only the permissions in it are based on groups applied to access control lists which took a bit of getting used to
  3. Jazman added a post in a topic: New install, FURL Issues   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1346529585' post='2303809']

    I'll have a read through this topic thanks
  4. Jazman added a post in a topic: New install, FURL Issues   

    [quote name='Rhett' timestamp='1346531160' post='2303817']
    Windows is best left to the desktop! :smile: Linux FTW! Is there a reason you moved from linux to windows? windows hosting is often more expensive as well, so it often times makes zero sense to use windows for web hosting, unless it's a corp server that must run other MS items such as sharepoint, exchange etc.

    I use the server for things other than webhosting and it was the best option seems so i suck at linux, for example one of the things running on my windows server is a teamspeak 3 server. And the windows server, including the licence on a different host worked out cheaper than upgrading the the equivalent spec on linux with the previous host
  5. Jazman added a post in a topic: New install, FURL Issues   

    Hi guys, i recently decided to start using a windows server instead of linux to make a few things unrelated to my website easier to manage.

    The database didnt backup correctly and got corrupted so i decided to do a fresh install of IPB and start again.

    The issues im having is with FURL,

    In search engine optimization i have changed "redirect to new friendly URL format" to yes, as well as "use .htaccess mod_rewrite" to yes. I have also added the .htaccess as it says to do. The software is located in a folder called /forum/ as i plan to use IP content outside of the board directory like i have done in the past. I have also set the URL type to Query String

    Now the issues im having are that in doing the above (ignore ip content for now) when i try to go to the members page for example, i get 404 not found error, i cant quite seem to figure it out.

    Ive checked in global config to make sure it is enable and it is, i have also tried adding a .htaccess file to the root directory and it hasnt helped.

    I had no issue with it on a linux server so is there something you have to do differently on a windows server?

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