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  1. strokenetwork added a post in a topic: Users Awaiting Validation   

    The hook just stopped updating the queue this week.  We have 0 members validating but the queue was up to 8.  The queue number keeps fluctuating.  
    My board is 3.4.6.
  2. strokenetwork added a post in a topic: adding a patch   

    When I add a patch, do I have to add each file or can I just add the top level folders?  Like will adding the admin folder automatically add the patch's files to the correct subfolders?  
  3. strokenetwork added a post in a topic: custom skin needs upgrade   

    I have a custom skin for 3.2.5.  I need it upgraded to 3.4.6.  I don't need additional customizing, just a simple upgrade.  I am willing to pay.  Let me know how long it will take.  Please state your experience with skinning and provide examples of your work.  :-) 
    My board is at
  4. strokenetwork added a post in a topic: question about virus warning
  5. strokenetwork added a post in a topic: question about virus warning   

    Remember, last November when the patch was released because of a security vulnerability issue with the message boards?  Unfortunately, I had a serious health problem at the time and could not get on-line for months.  We finally got the patch uploaded but it was too late.  Our board was hacked in November.

    The only problem I had noticed is that, when I googled my board, my McAfee anti-virus listed my it with a dangerous site warning.  Also, emails from my board, that contained a link to posts on my board, are now highlight a warning of those links being unsafe.

    I had Sitelock clean my ftp last week.  They removed several bogus files with malicious scripts, however, they have been unable to find what is causing the McAfee warnings for links to my board.  They are still looking.

    Do you have any idea which files could cause this problem?

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