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  1. Lesovsky added a post in a topic: Custom fields in the application Pages   

    ​ Thanks for the answer , it pleases , waiting for this type of field , but I hope and also add file attachments . Do not know what version to wait?

    P.s. Your site on IPS 4 nice.
  2. Lesovsky added a post in a topic: Custom fields in the application Pages   

    Will adding more types of custom fields ? Such types such as Attachments and Database Relationship.
  3. Lesovsky added a post in a topic: no please log in Browser Firefox version 4.0 RC2   

    Need to reset the settings for cookies and sites, after which it will go .
  4. Lesovsky added a file in Color Change Skins   

    SummerStyle 3.4.x v1.0.6
    Summer, bright, colorful, and now, and very functional and at the same time, simple, compatible with IP.Board 3.4!

    In the skin added 35 settings with which you can independently without knowledge of html and css to change the color of the skin, enable or disable the display of certain elements, etc.

    Also added additional elements to extend functionality:

    Text logotype - You do not have to do with the logo of the source. PSD, it is sufficient to enable this feature and make the logo at will through the infusion.

    Header block - The block is located opposite the logo, you can add a different text, advertisements, etc.

    Social links - Links to your page to popular sites.

    Guest message - Message to visitors of your forum.

    Added setting to change the image footer, you can now select an image from a 3-proposed.

    In the archive there. PSD file with the source of some elements with which you can make a logo, change the icons forum, etc.
  5. Lesovsky added a post in a topic: IP.Content examples?   


    IP. Content 2.1.2
  6. Lesovsky added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Downloads 2.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous New Features   

    I am interested in the question of whether the change is implemented feature links on a file?
    I find this quite an important feature that will allow for a lot of convenience.

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