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  1. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Pruning Status Updates   

    I'm looking to trim the Status Update count, there's many Status Posts that are years old, but I can't find anything in the ACP or from searching here or Google on how I would do that.
    Essentially anything that would enable me to reduce the status updates, either to remove status posts (and comments) over x months old, or to have only 200 or so status posts (still way more than enough) or the users last 20+ statuses or something. In general once off the index page users don't really bother with status posts. Currently have 58K rows in member_status_actions, 46K rows in member_status_replies_ and 12K in member_status_updates.
    Would there be a hook, an ACP setting I'm missing, or would I need to dive into the SQL? Currently it seems only option open to me is manually deleting 800+ pages of updates.
  2. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Warn of Status Update character length   

    I know there's a major version update around the corner and something like this might be sorted but going to ask anyway.
    Is there a way to either have a character countdown, a bit like Twitter, or some other notification, like a pop up that you get when you close/cancel a media embed box in the editor to go "You've exceeded the character limit, are you sure you want to post?", or maybe just stop accepting keyboard entry once you've hit the limit. Just as it stands some folks occasionally post somewhat in-depth responses then get quite annoyed to find that it ends with "and the secret to eternal life is..." because they'd hit the limit and the reply just decided to slice the end off.
    I've searched and all I've seen is suggestions for how to change the character limit itself, I'm fine with it as is, but nothing on it warning folks they're going to be truncated.
  3. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Members show up as "Array" on New Content   

    What exactly counts as a "highly customized skin"? As I said there's the colour tweaks, via the Visual Editor, and a few lines here n there to do stuff like expand sidebar. I wouldn't really think that "highly customised" (compared to something like say the Minecraft forum).
    Just gonna start from scratch again, use new default as a base and repeat the colouring and tweaks.
  4. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Members show up as "Array" on New Content   

    Okay that seems to have spawned a new problem:

    (screenshot via a member)
    It shows up like this on every sub-forum in the custom theme.
  5. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Members show up as "Array" on New Content   

    Thanks, the merge tool worked. The skin itself isn't vastly custom, just a few colour tweaks, sidebar wider than default and some tweaks to user info panel so I could safely merge most of the conflicts.
  6. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Members show up as "Array" on New Content   

    Recently upgraded to 3.4.2, and now my members show up as "Array". It only shows up on the one skin (the one customised skin) and it was fine pre-3.4.2. I've done the re-cache n all that stuff but no luck. Anywhere I should be looking in the skin template to tweak?
    I've a feeling also related is an issue I'd brought up the other day to no solution: The little pop-up for modtools when ticking the box on posts and topics doesn't fully work, but it does on the regular IP.Board skin.
  7. deanbmmv added a post in a topic: Mod tool pop-up drop-down list no longer working   

    Upgraded to 3.4.2. Pretty much everything has gone well except the little pop-up you get when moderating posts and topics no longer works. The drop down list doesn't do anything anymore.
    Any solutions?

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