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  1. Debbie added a comment: beta 4b - Admin CP theme edit.   

    Ticket: 245114
  2. Debbie added a comment: Cannot login

    See ticket for possible bug - thanks
  3. Debbie added a comment: [Beta 3a] Notifications without following a forum / calendar   

    I have seen instances of customers submitting tickets that look like they are coming from unregistered emails, but when asked to log in to the client center, they are coming back saying they ARE logged in.

    Example: 233690

    I've asked this one to confirm some information.
  4. Debbie added a comment: [Beta 3] empty calendar events   

    When you use the "search" function, if it finds no matches and you then try to click on any of the tabs (Billing, Customers, Knowledgebase, Support) the tabs do not work.
  5. Debbie added a comment: [Beta 3a] translation fields are narrow by default   

    The package expiry dates within the client center (under Your Purchases) are missing:

  6. Debbie added a comment: Rebuilding Processes Frozen   

    There is no longer a reply time showing on tickets within the ticket center. It only shows the date now.
  7. Debbie added a comment: [Beta 3a] Error adding file to downloads Nexus required   

    Customers are reporting that they are unable to view tickets from within their client centers. When you click on "Total Tickets" under Awaiting, Resolved and Spam, it does nothing.

    (on this page...)

  8. Debbie added a comment: PAGES - Prerelease 2   

    Appears to be fixed with Firefox update.
  9. Debbie added a comment: New blocks cannot be added   

    What the title says :)

    When you click the logout button, it doesn't do anything at all and you remain in the system.
  10. Debbie added a comment: Profile recent activity is sorted by most recently edited   

    Customers advised they get this error when submitting a ticket. I tried it and I get it too:

    Warning: substr_count(): Empty substring. in /home/invision/public_html/customer/sources/modules/clientarea/displaypkg.php on line 281

  11. Debbie added a comment: PAGES - Prerelease 2

    This happens quite often (Firefox) when the screen refreshes after replying to a ticket and also when going from page 1 to page 2 etc.

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