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  1. AH Modding added a post in a topic: Download: WordPress SSO Integration   

    [quote name='Wiitalia' timestamp='1342014549' post='2285714']
    is it possible to enable the "User location"?

    I'd like to see in the "Online users" page a message like "John is reading %wordpress_post_title%".

    To my knowledge that API is purely to show where users currently are in the IPS Community Suite - it wouldn't know what WordPress posts people were viewing.
  2. AH Modding added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    WordPress SSO Integration for IP.Board
    I have just released a hook in the Marketplace which enables SSO integration between the popular blogging platform WordPress, and IP.Board 3.1.4.

    In short, if users are registered and logged in to WordPress on your website, and they then visit your forums an account will be made behind the scenes and they will automatically be logged in. Users can also login via the standard IP.Board login pages, and it will check WordPress to see if they have an account - creating a truly seamless experience.

    Furthermore, users from WordPress are stored on IP.Board with their own accounts and the same password, meaning if you ever disable this hook or uninstall WordPress - your WordPress users can still login to IP.Board.

    Why have users log in twice with two separate accounts when they can have one seamless experience?

    Single Sign On greatly enhances the user experience, reducing the time the end user has to keep logging in, and gets them access to parts of your website quicker.

    Some key features include: [*]Highly configurable, no need to mess about with files - can be controlled via your IP.Board Admin CP. [*]Can choose to sync usernames, or allow new users to pick their own display names upon first visit to IP.Board. [*]Can choose to sync administrators from WordPress, making them administrators in IP.Board. [*]Can choose the default user group that WordPress members are put into.
    Click here to visit the file.


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