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  1. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Buy now, free update to 4.0.0?   

    ​They did state it would be released in 2014, so...
    Then again I did notice that long-pinned announcement has recently disappeared.
  2. Traaginen added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!
    A bit behind? Literally a year behind and we don't even have blog previews for half the suite.
    Also, is that announcement title supposed to be " What's (...)"?
  3. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Custom Fields Per Category or Type   

    I was fairly far a long in creating a website around custom databases when I discovered that this still isn't possible. This is a functionality that I'd expect in something like IP. Content; it would greatly improve the practicality of having custom databases.

    I know bumping a 3 year old topic is annoying, but I feel as if this is something sorely lacking.
  4. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Help getting to top of Google   

    If your site is brand new, 2 weeks is MUCH too soon to expect anything, especially the first page of Google. If you're in a really competitive niche, chances are your site won't ever get to the first page. This doesn't necessarily spell doom.

    It really depends on thousands of factors. Without seeing your site, niche, or other information, no one will be able to give much solid input.
  5. Traaginen added a record in IP.Board   

    Custom BB Code Issues
    I moved a 3.4.3 board to the 3.4.4 Beta, and the following custom BB code replacements no longer parse at all.[code=:0] <h2 class="ipsType_pagetitle">{content}</h2>[/code][code=:0] <h2 class="ipsType_subtitle">{content}</h2> [/code]
    No issues if I have something else, such as <a href="">{content}</a>
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  6. Traaginen added a record in IP.Content   

    Updating Article Doesn't Update Topic
    Unless I'm mistaken, editing an article should also lead to its associated forum topic being updated with the changes that were applied to the article. As of Content 2.3.5, and Board 3.4.3 (and the 3.4.4 beta), this doesn't seem to be happening.
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  7. Traaginen added a record in IP.Board   

    Search Visitor Reports
    Since upgrading to 3.4.3 I've been getting odd reports for search queries. Here's an example screen shot...
    This isn't just one thread suddenly being very popular; I have several pages of repeats from different keywords that I know for a fact aren't accurate.
    A 2nd bug that is more IP.Content related is that the "Page Found" for articles is just reported as "Board Index" (IP. Content is my home page) Instead of "Record: ------".
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  8. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Editor Feedback   

    I personally don't understand all of this love for BB code. I'm for dropping it sooner rather than later and completely switching to CKEditor (html) as it was meant to be. Yes, there is going to be difficulty in converting old posts, but honestly this is going to happen one way or another eventually. Putting it off is just going to result in more skewed content down the road. A more standard implementation of CKEditor would solve literally every functionality complaint I've ever had; many of the features that are hacked out of the current editor (tables, image wrapping, etc) are absolutely necessary for high-quality content creation, especially in IP Content.

    The people who are really pro-BBcode editing, from what I've seen, primarily use it to troubleshoot current shortcomings in the RTE. They're experienced users who probably know HTML or can at least apply the same concepts. Editing CKE's HTML source, <i> instead of , isn't going to slow them down. Not to mention they'll probably have fewer things to "fix" without all of the conversions happening in the background. I may be wrong, but it seems like a lot of the demand for a return of the old BBCode editing mode stems from issues that wouldn't exist with vanilla CKE.

    As administrators we should be asking "What's best for my users?" The vast majority of average users don't use BBCode at all. I'd rather supply a fully featured, bug-free WYSIWYG instead of adding development time to an antiquated, non-standardized mark up.

    tl;dr or if none of the above is practical, my main issue with the current editor, as it stands, is the severe limitations on features already included in CKE. I shouldn't need a mod to wrap text around images in something like Content that's supposed to hold articles.
  9. Traaginen added a post in a topic: [Paid] Automatically turn Amazon-links into affiliated links   

    That's irrelevant. He wants a mod for Amazon affiliate links. When you deal only (or even primarily) through Amazon an entire 25% on every sale is much more substantial than having 17,999 other affiliates that are made worthless because you never use them. I'm not saying that Viglink/Skimlink aren't fair or worthwhile ventures for people that have a wide range of products they need to link. That just doesn't seem to be what's being asked for here.
  10. Traaginen added a post in a topic: [Paid] Automatically turn Amazon-links into affiliated links   

    They also take 25% of your profits. At least. It's the same with Viglink, and who knows how honest they are with that figure or whether or not they'll take even more in the future.

    This kind of modification could be a big seller if any developer does it right.
  11. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Beefiing up Security on Guest Posting   

    The Question and Answer challenge all but stops bot registrations, so it would be great if that could be implemented during guest posting with/instead of recaptcha which is currently the only option. reCaptcha just straight up doesn't work and it's much harder for humans to solve as well.
  12. Traaginen added a post in a topic: Use Ajax while Image Browsing   

    I agree that the slideshow needs to be featured much more. Launching it when an image is clicked is a good idea; at the very least I don't understand why it's not already linked on the image view. I asked a few of my members awhile back and not a single one of them had known that the feature even existed.

    It would be nice if the slideshow view could display comments as well.

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