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  1. Sk8 added a post in a topic: Locked Account (Admin Account)   

    So this happens to me from time to time, I go to log into the ACP, or even the forum itself, and I get repeatedly flagged for invalid password/user combo; however, the information is correct, I assure you all. All-caps are not on, the user log in is correct, and the password is correct, too. When I do get in, I double check my logs and I can find no one but me to have logged into the ACP either. 
    Nothing malicious is occurring on my forum, and the site is running clean (according to Sucuri) so, any ideas as to why this randomly happens sometimes? Does this occur to other admins as well, or should I actually be looking for a possible problem on my forums?
    Any information would help (keep in mind this does randomly, and infrequently, occur), thanks. 
    P.S. If this is the wrong place, I do apologize - I found lots of posts about members unable to log in and the like, but I have only operated my forum on IP.B and have not migrated, so I can't imagine it is anything like that, either. 
  2. Sk8 added a post in a topic: Drop Down Navigation Bar Menu   

    So I am assuming I can still post in here ... 

    Does anyone know the html/coding to put in to get the drop down affect? I have figured out drop down boxes, but I cannot figure out the drop down navigation, >_>

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