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  1. Miles Collier added a file in Themed Skins   

    Invision Steam v1.0.0
    A theme based on Valve's Steam client and website. The Steam logo and its trademark are property of Valve. 

    The skin is compatible and has been tested with   
    I nternet Explorer Opera Chrome Firefox  
    Skin Group Icons Logo PSD  

    There are many gaming sites out there, in order to compete one of the major aspects of a site is the look/skin.
    Get this skin for your gaming site, your community will be able to easily relate their site with Steam! 
    Giving users an immediate message saying "We're a PC Gaming website"!
    Invision Steam
    Based on Valve's Steam Website
  2. Miles Collier added a comment on a file: Cubic Dark   

    Priced a bit high, but looks pretty good.
  3. Miles Collier added a comment on a file: Deluxe by IPS Themes   

    Very nice skin, matches XenForo very good!
    You seem to have the best IP.Board skins on the marketplace, nice job.
    Pulse is still my favorite. :)
  4. Miles Collier added a comment on a file: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Very professional and simple design, I love it!!!!!!
    The configurable settings are to die for, this is probably my favorite 3.x.x skin I've ever seen.

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