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  1. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Problem with correct web server permissions   

    Hello, I have setup my own web server to host my forum.
    I am on Ubuntu Server 14.04 with Nginx + php-fpm
    I am struggling with the permissions.
    What are the correct permissions for all files and folders? I tried chmod 0750 for directories and chmod 0640 for folders but I get 403 errors everytime.
    Thank you
  2. barney2229 added a post in a topic: v3.x & v4 + NGINX   

    That is great thank you, and again sorry for posting in an old post.
    I will be using the posted information as well as other guides/knowledge I've learnt.
    Best regards
  3. barney2229 added a post in a topic: v3.x & v4 + NGINX   

    Hello, I know that this is an old post (Blame Google & SEO ;)) However is this information still valid?
    I am going to reactivate my IPB licence in the next couple of days due to 3.4.7 release and besides the point in february I am going to start hosting my own site at home. (Sick of hosting restrictions)
    I am doinga lot on research on this at the moment and for me Nginx seems the way to go.
    I will be doing testing next months onwards to get ready for the February switchover so if there is any out of date information in this would be good to know :)
    I will be doing things slightly different I will be using Ubuntu 12.04 but still Linux :)
    Best regards
  4. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS) BBCodes Warning, Success, Information and Error v2   

    Does anyone have the images which we're hosted on imageshack?
    Thank you
  5. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Terms of Service   

    Hello, this has been working great for me for ages.
    I have just decided to make my forum https.
    Am I missing something? I get a redirect loop and originally thought it was my .htaccess file however after disabling this mod the problem goes away.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall and the redirect loop comes back every time and points to the terms in the address bar.
    I think maybe this mod forces http connections but I have .htacess to force https is there anyway to change this or am I completly wrong?
    Best regards
  6. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Help with https?   

    Hello, I had to purchase an ssl certificate for something on my server.
    Since my forum is at my main address it is all within.
    I installed the certificate and all goes fine but when ever I access my forum it forces https and I get this in the browser.  
    Not an issue at all to me to be honest.
    When logging in I get 
    The issue comes when I try logging in to ACP. When the acp loads there is loads of white space. I click on "load unsafe script" and everything appears normal but the address bar is still in https and looks like this 
    I don't really mind about the https only for something else so would it be best to try disable for certain parts?
    Since this happened it did raise some thinking as isn't the ACP supposed to be more secure than the actual forum? The pages load fine on my forum.
    Thanks in advance
    EDIT... Seems it is only chrome that follows https I just tried internet explorer and https was only requested on my pages it was intended
    So... this is probably more of a browser issue and this thread can be deleted
  7. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Share post image   

    Hey, when I share a post with lets say facebook, in the image at the side of the post it has the ipboard logo.
    Anyone know how to change this?
    Thank you
  8. barney2229 added a post in a topic: 3.4.2 Fixed   

    Just want to say thanks for the recent update. I refrained from opening a support ticket as I was aware 3.4.2 was just round the corner.
    The latest update fixed my bbcode issues and other issues I was having.
    Thanks again :)
  9. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Fake AdminCP   

    Is this not compatible with htaccess password?
    When I have htaccess password on my /admin_secret/ then I cannot access the fake acp
    When I rename the /admin/ folder then I get htaccess password prompt on accessing /admin_secret/
  10. barney2229 added a comment on a file: Fake AdminCP   

    Does what it says and very helpful support (even to my daft questions) ;)
  11. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Fake AdminCP   

    Don't worry about "Unauthorized" It was because my .htaccess password :)
    Is this mod compatible with .htaccess passwords?
  12. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Fake AdminCP   

    Where can I download 2.2? There is only fake admin, 2.0 and 2.1
    Also when I log out of the forum and try to see error page it just says "Unauthorized"
    No ACP or anything

  13. barney2229 added a comment on a file: Sign in through Google   

    Works great fast support thank you very much :D
  14. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Sign in through Google   

    Thank you, I couldn't fine more options however if I clicked "edit settings"
    Then I could add both in the same box

    Finally working thanks very much :D
  15. barney2229 added a post in a topic: Sign in through Google   

    Hi, I get this error on 3.4.1
    Error:redirect_uri_mismatch The redirect URI in the request: did not match a registered redirect URI  
    I tried editing the link as in post 7 but I cannot see where to put the link :(
    Any help?
    Thanks in advance

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