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  1. MarcusH added a post in a topic: how can i fix ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR   

    Visitor = No License
    Member = Has license but it is expired
    + Client = Has Active License
    Either submit a ticket here or wherever your site is hosted. As the error said its a Server error.
  2. MarcusH added a post in a topic: What does "Suspend Member" do?   

    Its the same as banning them, they can log in, but all they will see is a message in the center of the screen saying "You are not allowed to visit this community" they will get that on every page they visit.
  3. MarcusH added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Get Ready ???  I cannot get anymore ready :D So excited for this, I feel like a child waiting to open his presents on christmas day.
  4. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Social/Custom Profile Icon Links   

    Its done through the built in custom profile fields.
    I would help more but I am extremely busy, but I hope this helps.
  5. MarcusH added a post in a topic: A system of channels   

    afraid not, with IP.Chat its basically, what you see is what you get.
  6. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Site moved, update emotions   

    oops, I done that but forgot to re cache all posts :D
    but you posting that reminded me. Thank You.
    Topic can be locked. Thanks :D
  7. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Site moved, update emotions   

    As the title says, I have moved our website from one domain to another, but all emotions are being used from the old domain. How could I update them all to use our new domain ?
  8. MarcusH added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Members can like their own post!   

    System Settings  >  Members  >  Reputation System
    Allow users to give themselves reputation -> Set to NO.
  9. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Issues with viewing Categories   

    I don't think you will get an answer, as most users that show as a non client, get told to log in to their client account. Otherwise they could be using a Nulled script, as some users here don't like helping people that are using a stolen copy, I am not saying you have, but thats the way it is most of the time.

    If you can talk to the License owner ask them to add you as an "Alternative Contact" in the client area, that way you can submit support tickets to IPS, and get a better answer. I am not sure, but it might also allow you to access the support section on these forums.
    Either way, I don't know the solution. Sorry.
  10. MarcusH added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    same here, but I guess if it is going to be later than May/June, I will have to launch that without 4.0 (many features need 4.0, even more so now due to the news on IP.Connect, as its not just 1 site, but a network of many.)
  11. MarcusH added a post in a topic: NASA and IP.Board   

    Also You would never know if a site is only using only IP.Content, they could have the rest disabled/hidden, you can make IP.Content look like anything, the ideas are endless.
  12. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Did the post summary exist or is it new   

    What do you mean post summary ?  
    are you talking about, "Posts" and "Topics" in the tabs on the left hand side ?
    If you are talking about that then they have been there as long as I have been here. (2011)
  13. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Enterprise Spam Mitigation - $200 a year... really?   

    Honestly I don't bother with IPS Spam Service, its ok, but Stop Forum Spam plugin works a lot better. I have used that on my board 12,436 Total Members and only 30 are banned, and only 5 of them were spammers, rest were banned for breaking rules.

    Edit: Then again I haven't used the spam service for the last year and a half, could have been improved since then, but I am currently sticking to StopForumSpam.
  14. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Members awaiting validation   

    The search engines / guests see content in most of the sections, except the members only section, that one has the "please register to view this section", that shows guests there is more to see if they sign up.
  15. MarcusH added a post in a topic: Members awaiting validation   

    I create and display Forum sections just for Validation group and call them "Validate Your Account To Access This Area" then in the description of that section add a URL to a page, that explains what to do, and how to do it.
    Also do the same for guests, saying to view this section register for a free account.
    EDIT: forgot to add that I set the system to automaticly delete accounts awaiting validation after 14 days, thats plenty of time for them to activate their accounts, if they don't bother then they are not worth the space on the site. Would rather have a small number of members that are active and post a lot, instead of having loads of members but only 10% post.

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