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  1. The Guy added a post in a topic: I think I dun goofed.   

    So, I tried first upgrading v4 Beta 3 to Beta 4 and the results were that I could not sign into the site, but I could sign into the admin panel. If I signed in it would just refresh and still stay at Guest. Then, I decided, "well, oh well, after all it is a beta" and deleted the database and recreated one, then a whole fresh new install. Same thing occurred. Could only successfully sign in to ACP , but not Forums, Downloads, or anywhere, it would just refresh and still as a guest. 
    Notice I had no issues with Beta 3, only severe problems with Beta 4
  2. The Guy added a comment on a file: [IPBLounge] Applications System   

    Has this been updated for 3.3 yet so I may purchase?
  3. The Guy added a comment on a file: Sign in through Steam   

    Thanks, I am already using this app. Hope to see more gaming hooks soon :)

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