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  1. The Guy added a post in a topic: I think I dun goofed.   

    So, I tried first upgrading v4 Beta 3 to Beta 4 and the results were that I could not sign into the site, but I could sign into the admin panel. If I signed in it would just refresh and still stay at Guest. Then, I decided, "well, oh well, after all it is a beta" and deleted the database and recreated one, then a whole fresh new install. Same thing occurred. Could only successfully sign in to ACP , but not Forums, Downloads, or anywhere, it would just refresh and still as a guest. 
    Notice I had no issues with Beta 3, only severe problems with Beta 4
  2. The Guy added a post in a topic: Question about IPB Configuration   

    In that case.
    You will need a license for each IP.Board served on the site. Each subdomain will need its own license.
  3. The Guy added a post in a topic: Any Price Change in new 4.0?   

    That's what I was referring, yes.
    But I think this will have to suffice for now as it looks like they are still in the planning stages of pricing from the looks of it. 
  4. The Guy added a post in a topic: Any Price Change in new 4.0?   


    As a suite owner, will there be any significant price change or upgrade fee when it arrives?

    Also, I realize back then that IPS had also said that each addon will become its individual core without the use of IPBoard? If this is the case, as suit owners, do we remain the same price base?

  5. The Guy added a post in a topic: A suggestion for 'Solved' or 'Best Answer'   

    I'm not sure exactly if you guys already mentioned a new plan or planned extension for the Best Answer post feature. But if I may elaborate a suggestion towards it.

    I've been on reddit lately and it caught my attention of voting, people up can be a karma feature for best reply inside posts. Instead of just the OP having it where s/he chooses the best post it can also be optional by the Admin to set specific forum options that it can be voted by the board members as best answer or the OP of the post can just determine who gets it. So really its like a Reputation feature and poll feature in one.

    Bur of course if the admin allows it in the particular forum of how much power the OP can get; Voting or specific answer. The author isn't always correct, so by allowing this, it gives feedback by the community on who had the great answer.

    Thanks. :)
    But if not, it will look like an awesome application or hook if a developer would take this on.
  6. The Guy added a post in a topic: Getting an Error on Line 50?   

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '.home/dnnrorg/public_html/forums/initdata.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/dnnrorg/public_html/index.php on line 50 I did everything instructed. But the home page will not display.
    I figured it out, I did not take out the dot and forgot the slash before home. Now it works. Haha.
    Wow, sorry what a waste of a post.....
    EDIT 2:
    How do I rename the 'Pages' to like "Home"?
  7. The Guy added a post in a topic: Can I still download after Renew Date?   

    Thanks all. Solved. 
    You may close now if you wish.
  8. The Guy added a post in a topic: Can I still download after Renew Date?   

    I've been a very proud customer of IPS. But my renew date is coming up and I'd like to renew but I am broke at this time. Thus my question is in via the title. 
    Edit: I do realize that I cannot get updates and support after renew date but just the question really matters to me.
  9. The Guy added a post in a topic: Something weird to Community?   

    On this community I came by on my usual time check up and what not.
    But than I noticed something different about this site... something a little off, I checked on all my browsers to see if it was me and I cleared my cookies and cache, yet still nothing... hmm...
    But here is a pic.

    Any idea to what it may be?
  10. The Guy added a post in a topic: A few Questions   

    Hello. A license key can only be attached to 1 website at a time. You would need 2 licenses to run multiple boards. Remember that IPS offers discounts for every other license you buy. The hosting service as I knew (a few months ago) didn't allow the option to download the software since the entire suite was already in the hosting package. So it maybe the same way. Before you consider a license, however, make sure you have a host that reach the software requirements. If your not sure, you are able to Google reliable hosting service that can assist you.
  11. The Guy added a post in a topic: Company Feedback: Suggestion to improve structure on this board   

    Oh my lord you typed a novel lol.

    Good suggestion.

    Some of what you said is being implemented on my IPS fan site. Although, I can't offer official supprt. ;)
  12. The Guy added a post in a topic: "IP.Mail"? Suggestion of Future (v4.x era) App   

    [quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1349256216' post='2315844']

    That was never finnished.
  13. The Guy added a post in a topic: feature request for 4.0   

    Isn't that what the virtual editor already do!?

    Don't mean to put you down or anything, but you can already edit stuff using the new editor. Unless your talking about the style elements and images, that has to be done manually. Unless your talking about an entire new web interface, that will take a bit of awhile to do. I don't believe IPS is going to do that in the 4.x era, perhaps 5.x era :P
  14. The Guy added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Can IPBoard 3.3.4 work on PHP 3.x?   

    [quote name='stoo2000' timestamp='1348257044' post='2311273']
    I would assume you mean PHP 5.3, in that case yes, PHP 5.2 is EOL and hasn't been supported for a while (By PHP Group)

    Yep that's what I meant.

    Thanks :smile:


    If only we had IPBoard 3.4 right now I would make your answer as "Best Answer"

    :cool: Epic Forshadowing
  15. The Guy added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Can IPBoard 3.3.4 work on PHP 3.x?   


    Just a quick question.

    My web host will be upgrading some of their servers to PHP 3.x so that some of their customers can run vB5 and I so happen to be on the same server as most of them, but just curious, will my IPBoard be affected by this?

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