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  1. TimothyFord added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS32) Enhanced Member Edit   

    Was using this mod for a moment... But had to uninstalled it due to many bugs.

    Main bug that caused me to remove it is "Members Title" option

    As soon as changing the Members Title using this mod, it would remove the Members Group the user was in and set them as a Guest, preventing them from viewing, posting or using the private message system on my forums.

    My other staff members have reported it has also done this when editing the users signature, removing the members photo or modifying other fields in the menu. I have not confirmed those, but the Member Title changing bug was enough for me to remove this modification immediately.

    Thanks for the effort, but I think there is more wrong with it then people have noticed.
  2. TimothyFord added a post in a topic: Terms of Service   

    Does this support individual forums? Like if I wanted a TOS on lets say the Market forum, could I use it only for that section. Trying to find something similar to the IP.Chat system where it tells you a little info and you have to click 'I Agree' before entering the chat, but in this case a specific forum for me.

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