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    Copyright Removal: i.Skins v1.0.0
    This removes the publicly displayed copyright line from i.Skins (Invision skins by XR3X).

    A single copyright removal license entitles you to removal of the publicly displayed copyright line from any number of official i.Skins that you already own or will own, on one (1) IPS Community installation (i.e. corresponding with one (1) IPS license).

    You can win this mod for free if you leave a Marketplace review and support thread post at both IPS and XR3X. Details .

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  1. Con

    Updates to nearly 50 files by several authors in the past day.... What the fudge?

    1. Aiwa

      MP re-categorization. You'll notice new categories.

  2. Con

    Why do CKEditor and IPB play with each other if they can't get along?

  3. Con

    outta here

  4. Con

    I wonder if some IPS mods are Giffen goods....

  5. Con » Michael

    Talk about updating en masse. :P

    1. Michael

      Hopefully I didn't flood you with notifications, did I? I thought it only did that when I actually clicked the 'upload new version' option.

  6. Con » Alex

    IP.Tracker 2.1 Beta 3 is virtually unusable in IPB 3.2.3! Please help when you can. It's a great mod and it's a shame if it isn't made more compatible with the latest version of IPB.

  7. Con » Michael

    Hey, a few days ago I received notifications that you updated the following files: Clickable IP Address in Online List [3.2], Group Name Indicator [3.2], IP.Downloads Stats [2.4], Local Time in Topics [3.2], Member Anniversaries [3.2], Members Age in Topics [3.2], View Online List Permissions [3.2], Shoutbox [3.2], Members Online Today [3.2], Members Skin in Topics [3.2], Number of Topics Started [3.2]. However I didn't see any change in version number for these with the exception of the...

    1. Con

      Looks like my comment got cut off. Here's the final part of the comment again: "However I didn't see any change in version number for these with the exception of the Shoutbox which went from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. Is it advisable to re-download any of the others mentioned? Thanks."

    2. Michael

      They were just changes to the title to indicate the support IP.Board version, with the exception of the Shoutbox and DB Customization Manager, which were upgraded.