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  1. Artax added a post in a topic: General Questions   

    I've been using IPchat for a fair while now and will answer from current experience.

    * It says that you get five users free with a suite license. Does this mean no more than five members of my community can be in the chatroom at any given time? Or does it mean that there are 5 members of my community that have access to chat?
    The free 5-user option will only let ANY 5 members (unless banned or in a restrictive group) in at a time. You can't select 5 like secret Cylons or anything I'm afraid.

    * Since the chat is hosted, what is the deal with security? What are the chances of someone accidentally entering a chatroom? What guarantee is there that the conversations in the chatroom are kept private?
    There doesn't appear to be any way of entering the chatroom without signing up to your IPBoard. For a little extra protection I have restricted users with less than 3 posts so they can't come in unless actually active in the community. (simple group promotion settings move them to unrestricted group after 3 posts)
    Who has access to your conversations over at Invisionpower HQ is anyone's guess. I guess the way I see it, is, nothing dodgy's going on in my chatroom so if someone from Invision wants to sit and read through months and months of mindless chat they obviously have a perfect software suit that doesn't need fixing and have all the time in the world to spy on paying customers. ;)
    Note: Those with access to the AdminCP can read through chat logs, both public and private.
    * When I go in to download the software, It says I have not chat plan, and there is no option for the 5-member chatroom available. The minimum is the 20-user option. How do you try the software, if the option for the 5-member chat is not available?
    If you go to your client area > purchases > 'Manage your Community' > Step 2 (green button) IP Chat Plan > The option to upgrade/downgrade should be there. Once you've added it; it should then be available to download in your client downloads area... hopefully.
    Hope that info helps!
  2. Artax added a post in a topic: chat kicking some members   

    Also intermittently experiencing this.
    Getting quite boring very quickly as they angrily demand why I've kicked them for no reason.
  3. Artax added a post in a topic: Green Balloons With Messages   

    Also requesting a return.

    I have people actively complaining about this missing feature on my board. :(
  4. Artax added a post in a topic: Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index   

    Great hook! Love it!

    Newest version doesn't seem to show the ammount of comments an image has like previous versions did.
    Any chance this can come back?

    Thanks again for a great hook!
  5. Artax added a post in a topic: Changing Padding   

    You've posted this in the ipContent section, have you tried asking in the skinning section or the skin maker themselves?
  6. Artax added a post in a topic: Content+Gallery5 image feed block broken.   

    Hi all.

    I use a veeeery simple block to display some latest images in a block, but since upgrading it no longer pulls the image thumbnail but the link still heads to the respective gallery location for the image that's supposed to be there.

    Any ideas on fixing this?

    Hope someone can help.
    <if test="is_array( $records ) && count( $records )"> {parse striping="feed_striping" classes="row1,row2 altrow"} <center> <foreach loop="$records as $r"> <a href='{$r['url']}' target="_blank"><img src="{$this->settings['upload_url']}/{$r['directory']}/{$r['medium_file_name']}" height="60" style="text-align: center" /></a> </foreach> </center> </if> <br />
  7. Artax added a post in a topic: Popout chat making the lists dynamic?   

    In the ipchat.css (look and feel > manage skin & templates > your template) there is a height field. I have mine set to 450px (default is 350px).
    I assume you can set this to 100%.

    #messages-display { overflow: auto; margin-left: 0px; height: 350px; margin-bottom: 4px; background: #fff; position: relative; /* Necessary for the hider div to hide the border */
  8. Artax added a post in a topic: (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown   

    Hi, Thanks for the quick fix.

    Problem I'm having; The arrow is showing correctly, though there's no text (GroupName) with it. The Arrow is just centered in the sied/post-profile.

    Any ideas?
  9. Artax added a post in a topic: (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown   

    [quote name='Cyrem' timestamp='1343900442' post='2293055']
    Went to update but installing hook is broken. It inserts nothing and the hook is blank in the hook list.

    Hook doesn't insert anything. Creates a hook called 'v' which contains no settings or info.
  10. Artax added a post in a topic: Unban Chat Users - Where exactly is it?   

    [quote name='scorpion23' timestamp='1343339464' post='2291274'] Last link on the right :ph34r:

    Excelent! Thanks for posting that.

    ...Now... if only it worked. Just takes be back to the index with this URL; siteurl/app=core/page__module__modcp__tab__chatbanned
  11. Artax added a post in a topic: ok is this reboot is mandatory for everyday?   

    Yeah the server reboot for us non-yanks is rather inconvenient.

    Though I don't think there would be any way to opt-out of a reboot or have completely separate server times/states for different countries.
  12. Artax added a post in a topic: Unban Chat Users - Where exactly is it?   

    [quote name='scorpion23' timestamp='1343336836' post='2291256']
    Section Members in the modcp --> banned from chat. But actually there is a bug http://community.inv...s-broken-r37310 and you need to know who is banned to unban him directly from acp. :S

    There isn't a link in the first place... that's my point... where is it or where should it be?

    Are you talking about the tabs on the left (in ModCP) where Edit member, Report Centre, etc are? O.o

    Screenshot would be extra helpful.
    Or *cough*someactualdocumentationfrominvision*cough*
  13. Artax added a post in a topic: Unban Chat Users - Where exactly is it?   

    Unban Chat Users v1.0
    Allows supermoderators to unban chat users from the ModCP

    Ok, the hook came with the app. Mods have banned a couple of people, just wanted to for 24 hours.
    None of us can find this option in the ModCP or in edit user... looked high and low, re-imported app hooks etc and really see no reason it wouldn't work.

    Can someone let me know where this option actually is?
  14. Artax added a comment on a file: Youtube Videos In Profile   

    Demo link does not show the product what-so-ever.
    Even owner does not show anything in their profile.
  15. Artax added a comment on a file: Tutorials   

    [quote name='.Craig.' timestamp='1316559889']
    It's made by Michael, quality is a given.

    Good Coder != Good designer.

    Still would be nice to see how this fits in with a board.
    Perhaps a live demo would be appropriate?

    This is one of the most expensive mods here... please sell it to me, show me exactly what I'm getting for my money. Potential customer here.

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