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  1. Artax added a comment: Gallery Feed Block fetching Deleted Images..   

    To add notes for bfarber and others trying to reproduce:
    No cache on block due to the dynamic nature of submission queues
    Bug also shows on other 3rd party "latest gallery" hooks and gallery's own 'latest' list and user's 'gallery tab' in profile.
    Images are also still present on the server.
    Gallery resync/rebuilds etc do not remove presence.

    Steps to reproduce:
    * Gallery MUST be moderated (images require moderator approval before public).
    * User uploads image
    * User immediately removes image BEFORE being approved.
    * Original and resized images still present on server (/uploads/gallery/album_xyz), all blocks & hooks displaying 'latest' or 'unapproved' gallery submissions contain 'ghost' submission still.
    * Shown only to Admin/Moderators
  2. Artax added a comment on a file: Youtube Videos In Profile   

    Demo link does not show the product what-so-ever.
    Even owner does not show anything in their profile.
  3. Artax added a comment on a file: Tutorials   

    [quote name='.Craig.' timestamp='1316559889']
    It's made by Michael, quality is a given.

    Good Coder != Good designer.

    Still would be nice to see how this fits in with a board.
    Perhaps a live demo would be appropriate?

    This is one of the most expensive mods here... please sell it to me, show me exactly what I'm getting for my money. Potential customer here.
  4. Artax added a comment on a file: Tutorials   

    Can we see it?
  5. Artax added a comment: Missing Search Icon for VE Skins   

    [url=""][/url] <-- the brown theme (will be up until the 17th August) has the missing search icon.

    Have tried making a new theme using the visual editor, ALL have the same results of missing search icon and users profile backgrounds disappear.

    No other themes or theme modifications installed.
  6. Artax added a comment on a file: Character Mod   

    Great looking mod and exactly what I need... however... 3.2 support?

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