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  1. JasonO added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    I shall PM you some details :)
  2. JasonO added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    I'm not sure what I've done wrong as I can't seem to get any content what so ever appear in the block and I believe I've followed all the instructions correctly. I've opened it up to all articles (and I still have the default IP.Content ones). Going through the block options it's loading Articles and as far as I can see the filter is going to be getting 5 articles from the feed.
    Looking at the page source, I can't see a line of code being put in by the block (I've made a page with just that code on it, with the IPB Wrapper included) - I've added the block line from the panel on the right so I know it's correct.
    Any thoughts?
  3. JasonO added a post in a topic: change chat text to darker color and users not showing   

    I can't answer all of your questions, however I can answer your question about the number above the chat link in the navigation.
    In your IP.Chat options there are two options:
    - Hide tab count when viewing chatroom
    - Hide tab count when chatroom is empty
    The first one will hide the number if you are in the chatroom yourself. Turning these both to no will always display it. I have it so it doesn't display when empty (I think a red notification displaying 0 is somewhat of an unnecessary distraction) but have it displayed still if the user is in there.
    In regards to your text colour queries, it would be down to the CSS and/or template. You will need to tweak these to suit your needs.
  4. JasonO added a post in a topic: Membership Number   

    The only disadvantage with Nexus which I felt disappointed with is the fact there is no easy way of exporting data from it. When I trialled IP.Content I know there are 'feeds' you can do there as long as you know what you're doing with playing with the variables etc, otherwise it's a case of making your own SQL query. It's not too bad. I imagine once you've done the export process once for existing members something can be written to manage any further membership cards that need to be made.
    How are your members defined as being 'members' at the moment? A special usergroup? Our premium members have the usergroup. It's automatically downgraded by Nexus should it not be renewed. I've never had a need to have a unique membership number, but if I did the member ID would be the easiest. The only other way would be maybe a custom profile field only manageable by Administrators. A script would then just need to populate this for all existing membership members, incrementing it by 1. You could maybe start it on 1000 or 100 and let it go from there. Any new purchases would just need to find the highest membership number and increment it by 1.
    The issue you will have with Nexus, and it would depend on how many memberships you have on how much of an issue it would be, is that the automation of Nexus won't work with existing premium members so you would still have to continue monitoring the membership expiry until they've all expired and/or moved into nexus.
  5. JasonO added a post in a topic: Cannot use this image extension   

    System Settings  >  Manage Settings  >  Forums  >  Topics, Posts and Polls
    Then, under 'Making a Post' you'll see "Valid postable image extensions". You'll see some extensions in there already, just use a comma to seperate them.
    eg. gif,jpeg,jpg,png,php
  6. JasonO added a post in a topic: IE, Mozilla issue after skin change   

    I'll repeat what Steve asked, what version was it?
  7. JasonO added a post in a topic: Cannot use this image extension   

    I don't believe there's an easy and secure way around it without installing something else to the forum.
    The images you've posted don't have an image extension, they have a .php extension. You could add .php to your accepted extensions but I'm not too sure on the risks associated here. I can't see it being too dangerous as it can't influence anything client-side as its all done server-side and then static data is sent to the browser.
  8. JasonO added a post in a topic: Cannot use this image extension   

    If possible, link the page that has the image you copied on.
    I right click images, Copy Image URL and then paste that in as my image URL. However, Google does this in a funny way because I've noticed Google doesn't always display images as images, they put it in text and made so the browser views it at an image.
    I just tried copying (as in Right Click > Copy) into the editor from Google and got the same error you said about image extension.
  9. JasonO added a post in a topic: Cannot use this image extension   

    I've just realised what those images are. They appear to be from Google. It looks like you're using their cache/thumbnail of it that's hosted on their servers rather than the direct image itself?
  10. JasonO added a post in a topic: Cannot use this image extension   

    That last image hosted on Imgur doesn't load for me so I imagine that's a separate issue to the first two.
    The first two the extension checker is doing it's job. Those images don't have a regularly image extension like .gif, .jpeg etc - they're loaded as content by PHP or something similar server-side. Ideally you want to check the MIME header of the image but don't think you can on a default install. 
  11. JasonO added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    At the moment  with 3.x everything connects to the forum; the forum is the core. It's not really an issue that much, however to someone only wanting Content and Nexus it does become rather bulky and difficult to work around. There's many other products that would most certainty be easier to work with if you didn't want a forum but did want something similar to the other apps that connect to 3.x at the moment.
    With 4.0 the core is just that; a core. I imagine that the core alone wouldn't be usable without at least one app to 'front' the website. You could run Core + Nexus and it would just simply be an online store. Core + Content, a basic content management system. The possibilities of just having a 'core' and then the freedom of what apps attaches to it makes it a very good product to many, not limiting it to just a forum based system.
  12. JasonO added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    Are many of these IP.Content sites based on themes, with custom made blocks or are they being made from the ground up?
    I only ask as I probably have the time for IP.Content but I wouldn't be able to skin the forum myself; there would be too much to do for the time I have. We have a theme at the moment but I'm not too sure of any IP.Content websites that use it.
  13. JasonO added a post in a topic: Membership Number   

    In what circumstances do you want need it? Do you need it to display somewhere within a template?
    My thoughts are that you could use the members ID if the member can only have one membership. I looked at your website and it appears you do not use Nexus. For my car owners club we do and there is an ability to have a licence number; I believe you could use it in that example, however I've never made use of its functionality. It made our life easier using Nexus as it meant access to member only areas were instant.
    PS. I enjoyed going through your owners club websites. Is it IP.Content used for the content pages, home page etc? 
  14. JasonO added a post in a topic: What's wrong with this variable?   

    That sorted it Aiwa, many thanks! :)
  15. JasonO added a post in a topic: Does Chat Server Ban Access To Individuals?   

    I'm waiting for him to feedback to me if a different browser works.
    I would have thought any DNS cache would have cleared by now. I don't think there's anyway to flush it on an Android phone?
    I've just logged in as him and there were no issues of me connecting as him. I'm still leaned towards the issue being 'client-side' rather than something on IP.Chat's end.

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