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  1. JayRC added a comment on a file: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    In fact it would be nice if you didn't have to set a goal.
  2. JayRC added a comment on a file: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    I would like to be able to keep the goal private but show what people donated. Right now when I set the goal private it just says -- where peoples donations would be. Thanks
  3. JayRC added a post in a topic: Show Full Blog Entries   

    I don't see any option under "manage languages" that will let me show the full post on the main blogs page
  4. JayRC added a post in a topic: Show Full Blog Entries   

    I would like the option to show the full blog entries on the main blog page instead of the "Read Full Entry" button.
  5. JayRC added a record in IPS Web Site and Client Area (not for software issues)   

    Auto Installer Update to 3.2.3 Failed
    I am hosted with Invision Power. I want to update to 3.2.3, I am currently running 3.2.2. I tried the auto updater but after about 5 hours I received an email stating that it failed so I submitted an upgrade request on the client support page. This was yesterday and I haven't heard anything back yet.
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  6. JayRC added a post in a topic: Adding a domain   

    If you haven't already done so you need to purchase a domain name from a registrar. Then let Invision Power know what your domain is so they can set it up on their end. Then from your domain registrar point your domain to the nameservers Invision Power gives you.
  7. JayRC added a post in a topic: New permission sets   

    I am in the middle of converting form phpbb3. What permission do I set for phpBB3 "BOTS"? The phpBB3 "BOTS" where things like Google or Bing scanning my site.

  8. JayRC added a post in a topic: Need some help converting   

    Hello everyone,

    I have successfully installed the converter. I am trying to convert from phpbb3. I go to use the converter and it asks me the following...

    Database Driver - MySQL
    Database Host - domain.com
    Database Username - Myusername
    Database Password - Mypassword
    Database Name - SF
    Database Table Prefix - phpbb_
    Database Charset - UTF8

    I have made sure the MySQL port 3306 is open but my browser loads for about 3 minutes then says...

    Database error Can't connect to MySQL server on 'domain.com' (110)

    l don't seem to be able to make remote connections to my database. I am running Linux. Anyone know what I should do?

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