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About Me

Bah, I've never really enjoyed writing About Me blurbs, they're so egocentric. But okay, let's see... for those who absolutely need to know something....

I have 8 kids (3 stepsons, 4 daughters and a son). I've been around the forum communities for quite a long time - usually running a vBulletin based forum but with all the shenanigans of late I have been taking a look at IPB - I've owned an IPB licence since 2005 but haven't ever really done anything with it.. maybe I'll change that now, I don't know.

Anything else you want to know, well you'll just have to ask me won't you!

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  1. Azhrialilu

    Just bought another IPB licence!

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      woot woot

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  2. Azhrialilu

    feels traitorous just being here!

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    Hey Geek.. when can we see mods from you for IPB? *runs off and hides*