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  1. d_burakov added a comment: IE7 and Date Picker   

    just replace [code]$(document.body)[/code] with [code]this.target_element[/code] around initCalendarDiv function in calendar_date_select.js
  2. d_burakov added a comment: IE7 and Date Picker   

    will help?
  3. d_burakov added a comment: Friend Approval   

    Doesn't work until version 3.2.3: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-33262-no-notificationpnemail-when-a-new-friend-added/
  4. d_burakov added a record in IP.Board   

    Multiserver architecture
    [size=4]I'm trying to realize a multiserver architecture. I want to store static content on a single machine to prevent server overloading.[/size]
    [size=4]But I have some problems with file uploading: after setting "[b]Upload form action[/b][/size]" in CP to "" files can't be uploaded at all (PHP-function move_uploaded_file can't move file to another server and I get an error).
    There is another instance of IPB on
    [b]Path to 'upload' directory[/b] is set to "/home/httpd/ipbslave/htdocs/uploads"
    [b]Upload URL[/b] is set to ""
    IPB ver. 3.2
    Have I forgotten to do something?
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