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  1. Asch added a post in a topic: IP Download question   

    I'm considing purchasing ip downloads,but would like to know is there any way i can configure it do i can put the downloadable file on a different server?
  2. Asch added a post in a topic: IP Content presale question   

    thanks for the answer,will consider that over that next week.
  3. Asch added a post in a topic: IP Content presale question   

    I'm currently using ipb 3.4.3 but would like to purchase content,with how i have my skin and everything else on my site set up i really dont want to have to update since i have no problems that i know off,so would i be able to use the new version of content?
  4. Asch added a post in a topic: Get rid of special characters from FURLs   

    im all for anything that makes the url to links look clean and simple
  5. Asch added a comment on a file: Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.   

    i have never given anyone a bad rating before but there is always a first.i hate the fact you need a hook to see the forum,just a waste of resources which your user group permissions already do.then add when you try to change text color on the board index some other coding to the logo overrides it,,missing buttons and last how half the skins doesnt even match the dark theme.editor is the default ipb skin editor which is white and this is a dark theme.

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