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  1. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    I cannot freakin' wait!
  2. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: Songs In Profile   

  3. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: (DP33) Filter Private Conversations System   

    This looks very promising to me. Are you able to view ALL PMs, or just PMs that use specific words? 
  4. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: Auto Reply to Topics   

    It works very well and there are no problems with it. However, if you expect this to work with IP. Content's application system, it will not work properly. If anyone posts a normal topic, it works like a charm. But if someone posts a topic using IP. Content's application feature, the html tags will show in in the auto reply. I know this was not specified to work with IP. Content, but at the time of purchasing I assumed the auto reply would work with any type of topic. And from what I can tell, I am not the only one that assumed this. So just be forewarned that this will not work with any topics coming from IP. Content. 
    Other than that, it does work very well. 
  5. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Mobil version of site/forum   

    Glad I could be of service. :)
  6. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Mobil version of site/forum   

    I took some screenshots for you and posted them in the spoiler below. I would have made an actual video but I don't have camtasia on this computer as I'm at work. Hopefully these will do for now. In the last picture, just use ctrl + F to bring up the "find" tool in your browser. and then just type in 'share_facebook' and delete all entries with that piece of coding in it. Do the same for 'share_twitter.' There should only be two of each in the template.

    Be sure to delete everything included in those code snippets I posted in my last post. If you don't delete all of those then you will get some errors on your board.

    If you still need help, let me know.

  7. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Application Management and Distribution   

    I'm not a developer so I can't respond to the development side, but the installation improvements look promising. Good work IPS. 
  8. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Mobil version of site/forum   

    Let me know if it works or not.
  9. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Mobil version of site/forum   

    The only way I know of is to manually remove them from the mobile theme.

    Go to Admin CP >>>> Look & Feel >>>> Mobile

    Go to the Topic View template and find and delete:
    <if test="canShare:|:!$forum['disable_sharelinks'] AND $this->settings['sl_enable']"> <div id='shareStrip'> <a class='button secondary' id='share_facebook_trigger' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['share']} <img src="{$this->settings['public_dir']}style_extra/sharelinks/facebook.png" /></a> <a class='button secondary' id='share_twitter_trigger' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['share']} <img src="{$this->settings['public_dir']}style_extra/sharelinks/twitter.png" /></a> </div> </if> Then find and delete:
    if test="!$forum['disable_sharelinks'] AND $this->settings['sl_enable']"> /* Facebook */ if ( $('share_facebook_trigger') ) { $('share_facebook_trigger').on('click', _fireFacebook ); } /* Twitter */ if ( $('share_twitter_trigger') ) { $('share_twitter_trigger').on('click', _fireTwitter ); } </if> That should remove the buttons from mobile entirely.
  10. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Turn your Suite into a website   

    I have tried following the guide to change the forums (index) to forums instead of that ugly index link. However, even after rebuilding the furl, it doesn't change.

    Another question I had is how would I go about getting rid of the 'app=' stuff in some application links. For example with the tracker, I would like members to just be able to go to domain.com/tracker and be able to access it. Is this possible?

    Thanks for your help. Great guide btw. Just about everything else seemed to work for me. :)
  11. 7Bya9K&Q added a post in a topic: Currency?   

    There are lots of addons in the IPS Marketplace for this. However, the most popular and my personal favorite is ibeconomy. It has everything you can imagine for a virtual currency system. I don't even use it for currency, I changed it for points. It is very flexible. And free.

  12. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: Facebook Like Box   

    It would be great if this could be used on content sites as well, not just the forum index. 
  13. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: Content Article Count in UserInfo   

    This is great. One of the best, and simplest, hooks yet. 
    If you ever plan on updating this, you should consider adding a "Top Authors" feature on the forum index. Similar to how there is a "Overall Top Posters" link and whatnot. Thanks again. 
  14. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: Content Layouts   

    I would buy this if it could be used on multiple pages. It is a great idea and appears to work but I personally have no use for a single page. 
  15. 7Bya9K&Q added a comment on a file: (ZoZ) Floating Top Message   

    Works great. I hope to see him implement cookie expiration at some point. 

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