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  1. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    In the template bit add_game_row find the following:

    and change it to say 

    <select style="width: 100px;"  
    There will be two instances of this. Do the same thing in edit_game_row. 
    If you need help, send me your admin info and I can make the changes for you. 
  2. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    You can wait to pay until the update is received if you want. You will still be able to use it through this football season. The invoice is just to receive updates. 
    And @RobVol, can you provide access to your ACP? I can go in and fix it for you. And we will certainly be adding a tiebreaker method in the next version for IPS 4 among many other features. 
  3. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Unfortunately I've never looked into Nexus integration. I'm not sure if it will work right out of the box but it's something we can explore for next version and IPS 4.
  4. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Hi everyone, 
    As this is stable we are waiting on 4.0 to update it with all the popular features and bug fixes requested. 
    Once 4.0 is stable I'll update this thread and get everyone's thoughts. Anyone who has already purchased this will obviously get the update without having to repurchase the add-on. 
    RobVol, this should be under the edit_game_row template. 
  5. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Sorry everyone for the issues. Hopefully everyone has been able to use the app even though it has been lacking in some of the requested features. Our site has been using it without issue so I hope it's running fine on your end as well. 
  6. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    File Name : Sports Pick 'Ems Application
    File Submitter :
    File Submitted : 25 Jul 2012
    File Category : User and Social Engagement
    Supported Versions : IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    This is a Sports Pick 'Ems Application where you can enter matchups and your users can predict winners and gain points based on correct predictions.

    Some of the features include:
    [*]Separate pools into "weeks." [*]Enter games into the weeks. [*]Manage teams for each separate pool. [*]Individual leaderboard for each pool as well as each week. [*]Permissions integration so you can set who can pick games. [*]Support for ties. [*]Support for spread based pick 'ems contests. [*]Support for individual game deadlines as well as weekly deadlines. [*]Ability to view other users' picks [*]And much more.. see screenshots and changelog
    More features are coming, including integration with the notifications system.

    Tested and working on 3.2.x and 3.3.x.
    [*]Start multiple contests (hereinafter "pools").

    Click here to download this file
  7. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Great news all: We have a new developer working on this!
    I'll be addressing some of the concerns in this thread, but I wanted to ask: is it best to wait for IPB 4.0 to come out and then release the new version with all the bells and whistles?
  8. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Hello all, 
    With deepest regrets I must inform you that the individual who originally authored this software has passed away. 
    Once we find someone else within our organization to take over our programming, we'll pass this project on to them. In the meantime, thanks to DenisM for adding the solution for the most popular problem.
  9. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Great idea and fairly easy to implement. I will definitely add it, after language strings and the other most popular requested features.
  10. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Also thanks to Ryan (ABR Studios) for coming over to SECTalk and letting me know there were bugs. I had honestly forgotten all about the app. But I will be solving all of these bugs tomorrow and releasing an incremental version with 2014 support, etc.
    Thanks again and I look forward to getting the admin accounts setup at each of your sites so I can fix these immediately.
  11. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Hi, it seems that the permissions weren't set correctly in the ACP. Please ensure that the correct user groups have appropriate permissions.
    I think you need to recache your skins. Your custom skin didn't get the templates added to it.
    That... is weird. Can you get me a admin account on your site so I can take a look?
    That happens when no games/results have been entered. Once you get some games in, it will go way. I will fix this.
    I need an admin account to be able to see where that button is coming from. You can PM me the info.
  12. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Sorry I have been away. I am addressing all these bugs 1 by 1 as they were posted in this thread. I will be working on this the entire day tomorrow to have all these bugs fixed. I will post solutions as I find them.
    Thanks and sorry for the absence. Full-time job keeps me entirely too busy as I developed this while I was in college and had a lot more free time.
  13. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Yes of course :-). All your data will be retained. 
    For the 2014 issue, what I will do is just post a fix here that you can apply yourself to the skins. It's quite an easy fix and won't take more than five minutes. 
  14. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Language Strings are of course number 1. 
    Number 2 is increasing performance and stability of the app. Will likely rewrite everything from scratch. 
    Number 3 will be some of the bugs and issues in this thread. 
    Number 4 I will look into the automatic addition. The cheapest feed I've found seems to be about $500/month but our site is looking into it anyway for live scores, etc. I'll need to check what the redistribution policy is but if we can find one that will let us redistribute the info, I can gladly build it into the app. 
  15. added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    2014 is not an available option as a year for new games. 
    PrepsTexas, please post a more detailed description of the problem and I'll be happy to assist :-)
    Also, I'm curious if anyone would be interested in an automatic feed which adds/updates games and times? It would only be available for major leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF (FCS), NHL, Soccer, etc. 

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