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  1. Kirito added a post in a topic: A lot of spam members with   

    Is your server using a reverse proxy, and/or do you have  Enable X_FORWARDED_FOR IP matching set to yes?
    (System Settings  >  System  >  Security and Privacy)
  2. Kirito added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    SQL Error on reply to private message
    Whenever I get a reply to a personal message, when reading the reply I get an SQL error in the messages sidebar in place of the newly replied to message topic,

    IPS\Db\Exception::__set_state(array( 'query' => 'SELECT core_message_topic_user_map.*, core_message_topics.* FROM `ibf_core_message_posts` AS `core_message_posts` LEFT JOIN `ibf_core_message_topic_user_map` AS `core_message_topic_user_map` ON core_message_topic_user_map.map_topic_id=core_message_topics.mt_id LEFT JOIN `ibf_core_message_topics` AS `core_message_topics` ON core_message_posts.msg_topic_id=core_message_topics.mt_id WHERE mt_id=?', 'binds' => array ( 0 => 180374, ), 'message' => 'Unknown column \'core_message_topics.mt_id\' in \'on clause\'', 'string' => '', 'code' => 1054, 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Db/Db.php', 'line' => 361, 'trace' => array ( 0 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Db/Select.php', 'line' => 305, 'function' => 'preparedQuery', 'class' => 'IPS\\_Db', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( 0 => 'SELECT core_message_topic_user_map.*, core_message_topics.* FROM `ibf_core_message_posts` AS `core_message_posts` LEFT JOIN `ibf_core_message_topic_user_map` AS `core_message_topic_user_map` ON core_message_topic_user_map.map_topic_id=core_message_topics.mt_id LEFT JOIN `ibf_core_message_topics` AS `core_message_topics` ON core_message_posts.msg_topic_id=core_message_topics.mt_id WHERE mt_id=?', 1 => array ( 0 => 180374, ), ), ), 1 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Db/Select.php', 'line' => 359, 'function' => 'runQuery', 'class' => 'IPS\\Db\\_Select', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 2 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Db/Select.php', 'line' => 288, 'function' => 'rewind', 'class' => 'IPS\\Db\\_Select', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 3 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/applications/core/modules/front/messaging/messenger.php', 'line' => 131, 'function' => 'first', 'class' => 'IPS\\Db\\_Select', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 4 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php', 'line' => 94, 'function' => 'manage', 'class' => 'IPS\\core\\modules\\front\\messaging\\_messenger', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 5 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Content/Controller.php', 'line' => 42, 'function' => 'execute', 'class' => 'IPS\\Dispatcher\\_Controller', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 6 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/applications/core/modules/front/messaging/messenger.php', 'line' => 73, 'function' => 'execute', 'class' => 'IPS\\Content\\_Controller', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 7 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php', 'line' => 124, 'function' => 'execute', 'class' => 'IPS\\core\\modules\\front\\messaging\\_messenger', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), 8 => array ( 'file' => '/var/www/html/index.php', 'line' => 17, 'function' => 'run', 'class' => 'IPS\\_Dispatcher', 'type' => '->', 'args' => array ( ), ), ), 'previous' => NULL, )) This only seems to happen when reading a new reply to the message. The error goes away on refresh.
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  3. Kirito added a post in a topic: Who is browsing your profile...what do you think?   

    No, logging in anonymously prevents entries from being recorded in the latest visitors block.
    (You can easily try it yourself and see, log out and log back on anonymously then visit someone's profile)
  4. Kirito added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Poor styling reading the first post in a topic by a user you have ignored
    When you have a user ignored and you go to read a topic started by them, this is what you see:

    Instead of doing anything with the styling here, does the first post in a topic really need to be ignored? It seems it would make more sense for the first post in a topic to always display, even if you have the user ignored. You can see who created a topic before you open it, so if you didn't want to read a post from that user you could just ignore the topic itself. If you do open the topic anyways, you're still obviously going to want to read what the topic is about.
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  5. Kirito added a post in a topic: Allow users to swtich between exciting secondry groups as primary   

    This is definitely something that could be implemented as a plugin. I'll bookmark this thread for when I start working on my IPS 4 plugins and see what I can do.
  6. Kirito added a post in a topic: I need help setting up a new server   

    ​If this was in response to my post, sure, but if Adrian is asking for the assistance of a systems administrator he doesn't need to worry about whether or not the server has cPanel installed on it or not. For someone who is experienced and knows what they're doing, cPanel/WHM can often just get in the way and it's a completely unnecessary overhead that just serves as an additional potential security vulnerability. cPanel/WHM additionally severely limits the kind of server configuration you can build. If you want a high performance Nginx/PHP-FPM server configuration, for example, good luck accomplishing that with cPanel. The only way to make that work effectively is by relying on shoddy plugins and hacks.
    Also, if you  truly  want to learn how to manage your own server on your own, cPanel/WHM is not the way to go. You use it if you're a novice and you don't want to have to learn.
    If you plan on managing the server on your own and just want an easy management solution, sure, cPanel/WHM is fine. But if Adrian has already established that he'd rather have a competent systems admin holding the reins, these things don't need to concern him at all.
    ​That is simply your opinion. I work almost exclusively with Debian based server systems as I personally much prefer it over CentOS. Neither one is strictly "better" than the other.
  7. Kirito added a post in a topic: I need help setting up a new server   

    I would be happy to offer my services to you. I have several years of experience setting up and managing high performance servers optimized specifically for IP.Board (as well as various other hand built PHP/Python based applications). I have also contributed a lot of my time providing free server support here on the forums, and have contributed a number of in-depth guides which you are free to use as a reference for learning.
    To provide a few examples,

    Naturally, I can not offer to set up and manage your server for you free of charge. I have to make a living. If you are willing to pay a reasonable rate for such services, however, I can personally set up and manage every aspect of your server for you and will always be available if you run into any issues or have any questions/concerns about anything.
    I do have a few up-front conditions, however. If you are wanting someone to manage your entire server for you, I would require that you have the entire server re-installed with Debian Linux as the operating system and to provide the best service possible this server should be set up  without  any kind of control panel (such as WHM/cPanel).
    If you are interested, please feel free to send me a personal message here so we can discuss your needs in more detail.
  8. Kirito added a post in a topic: What will it be like after 6 months renewal?   

    Rhett's starting to sound like a used car salseman. >.>
  9. Kirito added a post in a topic: IPS 4 is not something I would want   

    Well, apparently that's still not enough experience for you to get a basic forum installation running properly.
    I've offered you assistance multiple times now but you're clearly not wanting to accept any help. If you're not going to provide any constructive feedback in this thread, please just drop it. If you ever decide to drop the ego and do want some help, you can always create that support topic here .
  10. Kirito added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Profile recent activity is sorted by most recently edited
    I'm not sure if this is a bug or WAI, but the recent activity on profiles seems to be sorted by when a post was last edited and not actually posted.
    So, if you make a post, then edit a post that was made yesterday, the post that you made yesterday will display as the most recent activity on your profile.
    If this is WAI, perhaps apply a different language string for posts that have been edited so it's less ambiguous? Instead of saying "{user} added a post", "{user} updated a post". I'm guessing you could possibly easily do that just by seeing if the original post time and edit time mismatch.
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  11. Kirito added a post in a topic: IPS 4 is not something I would want   

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of the new template designs that will be released from the marketplace skinners when 4.0 is officially released, but I'm sure someone could also create a IPB 3.4-esque template without too much work, though I'm not really sure that's what the OP is after.
    Don't we still have some working "classic" templates in the marketplace for older IPB versions?
  12. Kirito added a post in a topic: IPS 4 is not something I would want   

    ​Wow. You seriously need to sit down and chill out. Get rid of that temper tantrum.
    If you want to sell your license, fine, do it elsewhere, not here in someone else's thread.
    You appeared to be having simple template relates issues, so I offered to help you.
    But your attitude is seriously not needed here. Quite honestly, your problems are far more likely a result of you misconfiguring your forum than any problems with the IP.Board forum software itself or  with your host. (i.e., PEBKAC) You won't even go into any detail as to what those problems are or let us attempt to help you with them.
    If you actually had any interest in resolving your problems you would let us try and help you.
  13. Kirito added a post in a topic: IPS 4 is not something I would want   

    So, you're selling your license because a beta version of IPS 4.0 didn't work properly out of the box on a test installation of yours..?
    That's a highly irrational reaction, I hope there's more to it than that.
    As repeatedly stated, IPB 4.0 is in  BETA , which means there will almost certainly be technical issues with the software. Beta software is for testing. It's not production ready. You should not have these issues when IPB 4.0 is production ready. There's absolutely no logical reason for you to sell your license here. But hey, it's your decision and it's not really of my concern.
  14. Kirito added a post in a topic: IPS 4 is not something I would want   

    That.. sounds like a simple template issue..
    Have you even tried submitting a support ticket..? This is off-topic anyways, but feel free to also create a support topic if you actually have an interest in debugging the issue.
    Edit: You didn't actually upgrade your production forum to IPB 4.0 did you? If you did, you'll probably have to create a support topic, IPS won't be able to help you with IPB 4.0 related issues. As clearly stated IPB 4.0 is in  beta  and it's not supported, technical glitches are  expected  in the beta, which is why you're warned repeatedly not to upgrade your production forum to IPB 4.0 yet. Nonetheless, if you did upgrade and you're stuck with a broken forum setup, I'll be happy to try and help you if you're willing to take the time to debug the issue.
  15. Kirito added a post in a topic: Reputation links are ambiguous   

    When you click on a users reputation via their profile card (that's displayed with every post), you're taken to a page like this:

    This is initially pretty confusing, I almost reported it as a bug thinking that I had no reputation records being displayed on my profile. Then I realized the reason for this was that it is, by default, displaying my "Profile Comments" reputation activity, which I think very few members will have anything displayed here to begin with.
    When clicking on a users reputation via their profile card, it makes a lot more sense to me for the link to take the user directly to the reputation page for the application the user was actually in. Therefor, if you click on a users reputation total in a forum topic, you will be taken to the reputation overview page for the users  Posts . Similarly, if you click on the users reputation from a gallery comment they made, you will be taken to the reputation overview page for the users  Image Comments .
    It might also be beneficial to have the reputation homepage somehow display reputation from all sources intelligently instead of defaulting to reputation for "Profile Comments", or at least default to the websites default application if possible.

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