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  1. Dan added a file in Moderation Tools   

    Akismet for IP.Board - 1.0 Beta 1 v
    The IPS Spam Service is a great way of catching spammers as they try to sign up to your board, but some administrators may want an extra level of protection from those spammers that manage to get around it (by using different email addresses, IP addresses, etc.)

    Akismet for IP.Board uses the well-known blog comment spam filter, Akismet, to check posts for spam before they make it onto your board. It can then: [*]Delete or unapprove the post (or topic, if it is a new topic) [*]Trigger IPB's built in "flag as spammer" functionality [*]Submit details of the spammer to IPS' Spam Service, to help block more spammers for everyone else!
    Other features include: [*]Skipping posts by administrators [*]Skipping posts by users in groups that cannot be warned [*]Skipping posts by users who have posted before [*]Reporting content submitted by known spammers back to Akismet
    Coming in future versions:

    [*]Activity log, telling you what content was flagged as spam and what action (if any) was taken [*]Ability to mark flagged content as not spam

    1. Upload the contents of the zip file to your forum root directory (where conf_global.php is) - If you've renamed your 'admin' folder, please change prior to uploading.
    2. Log into your Admin CP and click 'Manage Applications and Modules', find "Akismet for IP.Board" and click "Install".
    3. Go to System Settings -> "Forums" tab -> "Akismet" and enter your Akismet API key, changing other settings as appropriate.


Status Feed

  1. sh300 » Dan

    the im portant thing in seo is the url
    if u make the url topic replies like that

    1. Black-Elmo


    2. ørret

      Do I need a PhD to understand this or what? :P

    3. AlexJ

      I guess thats implementation to support all topics rather then latest :P That's just my guess. :P

    4. nodle

      Thanks Dan for the update!

    5. .Ian

      looks great Dan - thank you.

    6. Breadfan

      Where do we download this? Or is it just a preview of the next version?

    7. Axel Wers


  2. Dan » CruxOfTheMatter

    You're very welcome, glad we got it sorted for you. :)

  3. CruxOfTheMatter » Dan

    Hey Dan! It took me forever to get to the last ticket I submitted, but I just did and I wanted to say thanks for your help! Everything rocks. =)

  4. Dan

    Beta 2 of IP.Blog 2.3 is now running on the IPS company forums: http://goo.gl/Q6KVS #ipb

    1. mat206

      any particular reason the "leave comment" and comments bars aren't matching up across the same row on the blog frontpage?

    2. Dan

      They should do... What browser are you using?

    3. Dan

      Actually, I've figured out why. Clear your cache and refresh the blog homepage. You should see them line up now. :)

    4. Glumbo

      I can't edit comments?

    5. mat206

      Dan - That worked.. funny that I did it for the marketplace and not the blog frontpage. Looks good.

    6. ørret

      What is new? :P

  5. Dan » Liquid_1520

    Hi! Our servers all run CentOS.. I personally have one that uses Ubuntu as well, which has been good.
    I wouldn't personally advise switching to Mac or Windows for your server unless you have a good reason to.

  6. Liquid_1520 » Dan

    Since you're an IPS hosting admin, do you have any specific OS you prefer for your servers? I've been on fedora for a while, and i've been debating to try Mac and Windows, but haven't made the plunge yet.

  7. Dan

    First day full time at IPS tomorrow! Very much looking forward to it. :D

    1. Alan

      Good luck :)

    2. Zhana

      As what?

      Best of luck.

    3. Connor T

      Dan is the new CSA

    4. Alan

      About time they got rid of that cowboy they had before ;)

    5. RobertMidd

      Yes what will you be doing? and are you still based in the UK ?

      Hope you first day goes well.

    6. Dan

      I'll be managing our community hosting, and doing some development too. And yep, still in the UK, I'll be working from my home office. :-)

    7. RobertMidd

      Fantastic !!!

    8. Akabane

      Nice way to work. Doing it too (as a freelance). Loving it. ;)

    9. RobertMidd

      I doubt it is freelance, but I might be wrong.

    10. skinbydragonfly

      Congrats Dan!! I hope you have a great first day :)

  8. Dan

    Down to just a week before I start full time at IPS. Really looking forward to it! :-) #ipb

    1. TheRevTastic

      *Dreams of working for ips*

    2. ZakRhyno

      What will you do for them?

    3. .Brian

      He serves us coffee in the morning :p.

    4. TheRevTastic

      I was going to say he goes out and gets coffee and donuts then is a towl boy in the restroom xD.

    5. Dan


      I'm managing hosting, and doing some development. :)

  9. Dan

    Using the now-discontinued Community SEO for #ipb? This hook will help you to migrate to using IPB FURLs instead: http://j.mp/90166D

  10. Dan

    Working on another little something for SEO fans: http://j.mp/bRj2Nt

    1. .Ian

      yummy :)

    2. DarkGizmo


    3. Mo7sin

      great ;)

    4. Connor T

      sweet. Is it possible to over-ride common error pages like 404, 403, and 401 with an ipb page that of course explains the error?

  11. Dan

    I really don't get why people would pay for a sitemap for their forum. :s #ipb

  12. Dan

    Hi Matt!

  13. Dan

    IP.Board is now #7 for the term "forum software". Time for a celebratory sausage sandwich I think! #ipb

  14. Dan

    I like new things... #ipb

    1. AndyF

      New is fun :)

  15. Dan

    Very exciting day for IPS today, testing out something really cool that should be announced soon! #ipb

    1. AndyF


    2. Chetan105

      Whats it , whats it , whats it !

    3. AndyF

      Beta 4 ? O_o

    4. Steve H

      oooo - IPS News is signed in :)

  16. Dan

    If anyone near Leeds, UK. is looking for a junior web developer job, contact me!

    1. Lee

      What skills are needed??

    2. Lee Craven

      If I still lived in Leeds I would jump, but I moved to Arizona 9 years ago =)

    3. Dan

      @Lee: Skills are PHP, HTML, CSS, a bit of JS... nothing too heavy. :)

  17. Dan

    Also, if SVN, I need a Versions.app equivalent. If Git, what do I use??? :s

  18. Dan

    ... and on that note, does anyone actually use the keyboard backlight dimmer keys? Seems an odd choice of thing to give easy access to. :s

    1. Amy T

      My keyboard does not have one of those.

  19. Dan

    #SEO Poll - Does a product link (i.e. Powered by <x>) on every page of a blog/forum affect SEO? (@davenaylor, @paulreilly, @patrickaltoft)
  20. Dan

    O_O is about all I can say.

  21. Dan

    Loving 3.1, I forgot about a lot of the cool new stuff. :)

    1. Lee

      I love the new status replies!

  22. Dan

    Actual cries. I can't see the content of any topics in the customer forum. =(

    1. AndyF

      Me either :(

    2. AndyF

      Must be a perm issue if everyone else can coz we're 'special' :)

    3. The Geek

      /pass &quot;tissue&quot;

  23. Dan

    RT @mattmecham - Welcome to IP.Board 3.1! Our company forums are now running #ipb 3.1 - come check it out! http://bit.ly/a7wxTV

    1. Depotoir