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  1. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4b] profilesync
    Something missing. Screenshot from this board.

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  2. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4b] Sending message returns error
    If I try sending message it gives me "Something went wrong. Please try again." Error code EX2
    Message is still sent but double.
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  3. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4b] RSS import, minus replies
    Added a screenshot. Replies are negative.

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  4. hmikko added a post in a topic: Phrase "on"   

    In English you can use "on", "by" and "in" etc in various places but example in Estonian, those words mean nothing. We don't have prefixes, we have 14 different cace forms instead. Example "on tuesday" is "teisipäeval" (nominative = teisipäev) and it can have 13 different case forms more. In Finnish, there should be even 15 case forms.
    So, my request is that when formulating sentences, could you guys keep in mind theres linguistic peculiarities and won't use words like "on" individually. Right now I cant translate word "on" because it means different things when formulating sentences. If there's key like x_created_topic_in it can done without any problems. But key on itself cause problems.
    For example "Most Online" has " On *date*" and search uses exact "on" in "Post On *topic* in *forum*". For Estonian I'd like to translate Most Online like " Kuupäeval *date*" (kuupäeval = on) or leave it just *date* and in search "Postitus teemas *teema* asukohas *forum*" (teemas = on). As you can see using "on" individually can cause weird sentences.

  5. hmikko added a post in a topic: Followers - Friends   

    I have never allowed Friends feature on my site because in my opinion when I wanna add friends, I will add them in Facebook. Forum was more like place where strangers can have discussions. With IPS 4.0 Follow feature I defently will start using it.
    And as I haven't used Friends feature, I don't know was it possible to receive notifications from friends actions as well. But one is sure - I like Follow feature.
  6. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Calendar] Repeat every - broken
    It shows all available options here.

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  7. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Popup menu wont dissapear
    When I select some post and delete it with this popup menu or I dont know how you call this, it deletes post but after I reload page it is visible again and says "With 1 selected". Tried once again and not theres "With 2 selected". My first attempt I first hide post and then deleted it. Second time post was visible.

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  8. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Language strings
    1. There's nowhere I can translate "Please ensure your signature complies with the following restriction:" in Settings > Signature.
    2. When warning a member theres "Until" but it can not be translated. Believe Calendar has the same string. Theres Calendar "until" and theres System "Until". If I translate uppercase "Until" it changes calendars lowercase "until" into "Until" and System "Until" is empty again after page reload.
    3. Questions category have string "votes" what can not be translated.

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  9. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Friendly URLs
    When you change your Friendly URLs then under the +Create button theres still old URLs (eg gallery and calendar).
    And when you hover  Notifications icon near +Create and Messenger then theres still real URL. Aswell opening Notifications popup View all notifications has still real URL.
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  10. hmikko added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    In Search sidebar, theres always been option "joinedDateCustom". Think theres some explanation missing.

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  11. hmikko added a post in a topic: profile privacy in IPB 4   

    My humble opinion is that there should be only 1 option for privacy in your profile. As email address is required for all users then there should be a slide button behind your email address with option " Show publicly in my profile ". Any other fields (Skype, phone etc.) are optional and if you want this information to be private then don't fill out those fields.
    Other things like your profile picture, profile statistics and feed etc. are part of getting involved with your community's activity. Actually I'm very surprised about these privacy topics all over the Internet. If you want certain things to be private then you shouldn't write this information to the Internet. Like if I'm posting in some community, I would like to know whom I'm communicating with. I found it really annoying talking with incognitos in all topics. Especially in market topics I have.
    For me it's discussion board not social network channel :)
  12. hmikko added a post in a topic: UTF converter problems   

    Ok, now I added 'utf8' to conf_global.php and board is back online. All forums are ok, accented letters as well but if I open a random forum, theres either no topics on it or just a few. Pagination is present but will display empty forum view only.

  13. hmikko added a post in a topic: UTF converter problems   

    I have tried to update my database to UTF8 with no luck. Some help and advice needed.
    About 3 years ago I converted my forum from phpBB2 to IPB. I did not know anything about characters set and so on, I just converted one way or another, just to get it working. So in my new forum charset for IPB become UTF-8 but database remained latin1 .
    I'm running Estonian language forum so accented letters in database was like ä=ä, ü=ü and õ=õ but in forum view it show correctly a, ü, õ and so on.
    So I first tried to convert it to utf8mb4 but got an error about allowed length etc. Why utf8mb4? Because my host has set it as default for databases so I thought its OK. Then I tried utf8 and it run all the way. I was like "yaaai!". But then I looked database and all ä, ü, õ letters were still symbols. In forum view they were OK. So I thought I will wait for some time when IPS removes those errors.
    Then IPS updated converter and this time conversion started but stopped in 0.57% and did not moved on. I looked into database and all accented letters were properly converted. After waiting 2 hours (in 0.57%) I just clicked refresh and got an error about length again. In backup_vars table if I'm not mistaken. So... I thought to drop this utf8mb4 thing and try utf8 all the way. It ran about 70% when I got first error in search_keyword table about duplicate entries . I manually removed those and eventually it was 100%. Then I tried forum and it gives me FATAL ERROR , telling me I have something wrong with my character set. No "yaaaai" at all, huh? :(
    So could some smarter person could help me with this issue?!
    Luckily my database is only ~200MiB, so it's not some huge work.
  14. hmikko added a post in a topic: IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   

    In addition, things I would like to see in 4.0:
    "Delete" button in own last post, if theres no further replies yet (regular user) - my board users have requested this way tooooo much, think they type before think; Market options - sell, buy, exchange option in topic creation and button to mark topic as sold (I know I know theres hook for this, but I dont like hooks) + required fields before publish - theres many forums out there having market category; "Update Topic" or "Bump Topic" button by custom rules (theres hook as well but it's not working for all users) - I'm quite tired that users have reply "UP" if they want to update topic, after couple of months theres 3 pages of "UP" posts out there; As I have market category, I would like to see feedback option in users profile (positive and negative system with comments) - it's like what every user thinks about you and 5-star rating isn't good enough for me, would like to see "positive", "neutral" and "negative" options and ability to change comment; And site search - actually I cant find anything relevant with it!
  15. hmikko added a record in IP.Board   

    Hidden topic tooltip
    If you roll over hidden topics title, it shows html tags.
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