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  1. JGrucza added a post in a topic: Safari Push Notifications   

    The new notifications system will more than likely only ever be supported on OSX as its an OSX feature that Mavericks is now allowing websites to use. Web based push notifications work on Safari and Chrome for sure but those are done via some javascript and the webpage sending it has to be open. Cant really see how IPS could implement the new notification system for anyone buying their software though as it requires an iOS or OSX dev account with apple ($99/year) to access the APNs that sends those notifications. Unless apple is eventually going to allow access to only that for websites for free eventually.
  2. JGrucza added a comment on a file: (JG32 / JG33 / JG34) Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via Stop Forum Spam   

    Should use the support topic for this, but I know SFS was unreachable for a short time the other day.
  3. JGrucza added a comment on a file: (JG32 / JG33 / JG34) Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via Stop Forum Spam   

    [quote name='Modeltog-Tossen' timestamp='1347568068']
    In the packages 2.1.1 you have alot of 6 KB .DS_Store files included in multiple directories.

    I usually zip it all up with an aliased command on my laptop. Forgot to do that this last time. The download has been updated with DS_Store removed.
  4. JGrucza added a comment: Multiple redirect, arguments   

    Why remove $text? I use the multipleRedirect for a mod I co-write and now when it first starts and does the initial setup nothing is displayed to tell the admin the script is working. It starts displaying once it gets to the first Hit but whos to say they havent thought it wasnt working by that point?

    Init should have the $text as well.
  5. JGrucza added a file in Integration   

    (CL32 / CL33) CL.Bank v1.0.3
    CL.Bank is small bank mod that was designed for sites that just want a bank without a lot of extras. This bank allows for multiple accounts as well as accounts specific to different groups. Each account type can have different interest payouts and times. The interest is calculated via a task but times are tracked in the database so slower boards wont have missed interest rate payouts.
  6. JGrucza added a file in Security   

    (JG32 / JG33 / JG34) Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via Stop Forum Spam v2.1.5
    Tested and working with IP.Board 3.4
    Adds a check during registration submission that checks the registers IP address and email address against a known list of spammer IP's and emails from stopforumspam.com. If it returns true for a spamming IP or email the registration is declined and the IP and email address can be added to IPB's ban filters.
    Features: [*]Uses IPB built in functions to query Stop Forum Spam [*]Matched spam registrations can be added to IPB ban filter [*]Report spammers directly from ACP with evidence [*]Ability to whitelist IP's and Email addresses [*]Page showing the registrations that have been blocked [*]Graphs showing amount of spammers blocked per month [*]Email notification of blocked registrations
    There is an extras folder in this release that has a hook requested by Extreame.  If you run your forum with the normal board stats turned off but want the amount of spammers stopped to still show on your board.  Disable or uninstall the hook that installs with the mod and install the hook in the extras folder.

    The ability to report spammers from the ACP was only added after a lot of discussion with pedigree from SFS. I have been in contact with him since the first release of this mod when it was still just a hook. It follows guidelines that he requested. Any abuse of the ability will lead to you being banned from using SFS. Please be responsible with this. It is only available to Admins and is in the ACP.

    I will continue to work with him and the changes he is implementing be sure this mod does not cause them any problems.