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  1. lordi added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    Ok, maybe my stuff will be the worst compare to the others, but here we go :
    1. PC with dual core proc, 4 gigs ram Gskill, with ATI RADEON HD5xxxx series, MSI Mainboard, 15 inch wide samsung monitor LCD, 750 +  40 GB HD, with windows 7 for my engineering/mapping jobs
    2. PC with old Prescott proc, 3,06 HT , 1 gigs ram, Gigabyte mainboard, 40 + 40 GB HD, and on board intel HD vga with old LG CRT monitor 17 inch and linux mint 7.1 for programming and learning stuff
    3. Laptop COMPAQ dual core proc, 120 GB HD, 3 gigs ram with intel HD onboard vga, 15 inch display, for my mobile activity
    4. I got one HP PC at office, with 17 inch monitor LED, Intel core i5, 500 GB HD,  with 4 gigs ram and add-on low-end VGA for office job.
    I use it all, LOL
  2. lordi added a post in a topic: What song are you currently listening to?   

    Gloryhammer - Magic Dragon,
    taken from their album Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
    listening it over and over
    really love Power Metal band
  3. lordi added a post in a topic: TV Shows   

    I follow many TV serials
    1. Game of Thrones
    2. Constantine
    3. Supernatural
    4. Da Vinci's Demons
    5. The Walking Dead
    6. Sherlock
    7. Arrow
    8. Avatar - Legend of Korra
    9. Hot In Cleveland
    10. etc.

  4. lordi added a post in a topic: Favorite Movie(s)   

    All movies from J.R.R Tolkien Books
    The Hobbit, Lord Of The Ring Trilogy
    I hope there will be another movies from Tolkien's books,
  5. lordi added a post in a topic: Welcome to general chat!   

    wow, congrats for this, 
  6. lordi added a comment on a file: Forum Banner for IPB3 Default Skin   

    thanx mate
  7. lordi added a comment on a file: (JG32 / JG33 / JG34) Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via Stop Forum Spam   

    adding project honeypot, and this mod would be perfect
  8. lordi added a comment on a file: Subscriptions Manager   

    awesome product, just install it on my ipb 3.3.4, thanx dev
  9. lordi added a comment on a file: Global Forum Message   

    just install this hook, work like charm on my IPB 3.3.4
    thanx dev

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