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  1. Ant__ added a post in a topic: Url Shortening   

    is there anyway to disable this through the forums/calendar?

    the problem being (the calendar really being the issue) is if we include links to say google maps (which a lot of our calendar events do)

    they come accross as,-0.1910935 rather than,-0.1910935

    which is fine through the calendar itself the link stays clickable as only it's "text" as changed, but seeing as these calendars are exportable to other devices/calendars/outlook etc etc it renders them useless as they get the link as the shortened text rather than the href behind it.
  2. Ant__ added a post in a topic: All IPB forums breaching EU law   

    mountains out of molehills like, people just love a good whinge. Alot of ott debate over something no one is going out of there way to make you do yet (yes i know tip of the iceberg and all that...), it'd be a lot easier if someone knocked up a quick example to lob into your template to cover it.
    then if you think its pointless don't bother, but its there if you want.
  3. Ant__ added a post in a topic: Checkbox to remove existing entries on .ics import update   

    Having to do this myself for a fairly large football forum i run,
  4. Ant__ added a record in IP.Board   

    Youtube(and other i guess) mediatags
    Ello just a quick question/possible bug

    currently the youtube media tag reg-ex only picks up on pasted videos that have either
    [url="http://youtube.etcetc/"]http://youtube.etcetc[/url] or [url=""][/url]

    but with firefox now by default seemingly omitting the http:// from the location bar lots of the users are pasting links that don't work
    such as

    is there a new reg-ex or amendment to the current one to fix this?
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