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  1. southparkdylan added a post in a topic: Change ad output   

    I need to change the name of the div the Nexus ads appear in

    Right now if I put this in a template:

    I need to change that output, or find a way to get just the <ad code goes here> part by itself.

    Any help?
    {parse advertisement="ad_code_global_header"} It will output this: <div class="nexusad" align="center"> <a target="_blank" href=""> <ad code goes here> </a> </div>
  2. southparkdylan added a post in a topic: Jump to unread issue   

    The issue was an outdated hook, resolved by simply updating the hook. Thread can be closed.

    (SOS32) Group Color on User Links
  3. southparkdylan added a post in a topic: Jump to unread issue   

    On the thread listing for any category on my forum you could click the icon to the left of an unread thread to jump the first unread post. I recently updated from 3.2.3 to 3.3.4, and this is not working anymore.

    Before the upgrade it seemed to behave like this, and it's exactly what I wanted:

    - Jump to the first unread post in the thread
    - If the post was on the last page of the thread the thread is marked read
    - If there were pages after that post the thread stayed marked as unread
    - If you went to the last page on the thread it was marked as read

    Now, if I click on that icon, or click "Go to first unread post" at the top of a thread, it brings me to the first post in the thread and it stays marked as read. Nothing I do besides marking the entire category or entire forum as read will make that individual topic unread.

    What's going on and how do I fix it? This is really problematic because it's making it hard for anyone to tell what's had new posts since they last looked at the boards.
  4. southparkdylan added a post in a topic: RSVP Restrictions   

    I like IP.Calendar, and I'd like to see it mature in featureset a bit more. With that in mind, these are three features I would find useful:

    - Restriction to only accept a certain number of RSVPs
    - Restriction to only allow members in certain usergroups to attend
    - Restrictions on who can see your event based on postcount, usergroup, time registered, reputation, etc
  5. southparkdylan added a comment on a file: (DP34) Public Moderation Logs   

    You should make it so that when visiting a moderator's profile as admin you can view that moderator's specific recent mod actions and all mod actions by that moderator.

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