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  1. General.V2 added a post in a topic: Windows Server 2008 + Mysql Optimization   

    You may want to go to the Windows performance monitor in the control panel to make sure your hard drive isn't being overloaded from running both a high traffic forum and high traffic mysql server. If you don't have a ssd, that may be the case here.

    If you look at the link below, it looks as if your server hangs a longer than usual amount of time on every file request, both scripts and images.

    This may be because the overloaded hdd issue stated above. At the above link, you will notice there is a lot of green on the first request, that means the server doesn't recognise the request until after the seconds it shows.

    Not by any means am I saying this is the problem for certain. Just make sure your not overloading your hard drive. If you are not, then post back and I'll troubleshoot some more.
  2. General.V2 added a post in a topic: Windows Server 2008 + Mysql Optimization   

    In IIS 7.5, what is the folder directory you are pointing your site to for your forum?
    For example C:inetpubwwwroot

    If your site is pointing to a network share, such as server1drive1forum then that may be the issue.

    Another thing to try is changing the mysql host from localhost to
    Using localhost occasionally has problems on windows because of the way you may have your local dns server setup as.

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