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  1. omarf added a post in a topic: Notifications / Following   

    Perhaps, but if something works really well and keeps users engaged (which is the point of having an online community) it shouldn't be discounted because it doesn't conform to established norms.
    In fact, Google Groups operates in this manner. Your choice of push or pull notification.
    This is true, and the $5/month hosting plan won't cut it. I'd be perfectly OK with having the feature available as a plugin, just as m2f was. If the core is designed in such a way that a plugin can modify the email behavior, then the suite will work on the least capable servers while still being flexible enough for us niche users who have enough server power.  :smile:
    Email integration is a need expressed by others, too:

    What about Mandril integration - that was being discussed as a possibility?
  2. omarf added a post in a topic: Notifications / Following   

    Then the admin could turn it off. Having it as an option would be best, and let the user select it if the admin allows it. I doubt most of your customers' boards reach the 100k per forum daily level, and mine certainly doesn't - not even close, but it's a commercial board with paid subscriptions so it's important to keep users engaged.
    What happens otherwise is that users with questions end up posting, while those with answers visit the forums less often and eventually lose interest. When they do visit the forum, they see too many new messages and after a cursory glance mark them all as read.
    My current board is a hybrid - a phpBB2 forum with mail-to-forum (m2f) functionality of a listserve and users can choose how they want to interact - on the web, or by email. However, it lacks good CMS integration so I'm waiting to see what the 4.0 Suite will be able to do. If it could do what m2f does, I'd be willing to pay for that.
  3. omarf added a post in a topic: Notifications / Following   

    Will it be possible to get notifications for ALL posts in 4.0?
    Discussions often wander and if the post from which a notification is emailed doesn't seem interesting to the user, he/she would miss a pertinent and interesting discussion that follows.
  4. omarf added a post in a topic: Notifications / Following   

    How are the notifications supposed to work?
    I see elsewhere in the IPS Community forums discussions about some users disliking being notified for every new post in a followed forum, but I can't get that to work for me. The best I can get is one notification by email, but if I go to the forum, I can see there are multiple posts after the one for which I received the notification.
    I would prefer to have the option to receive notifications about ALL posts in a forum i choose to follow.
    Am I missing a setting or is this how it's designed?

  5. omarf added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Email templates   

    Now you're just being coy. :-)
  6. omarf added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Email templates   

    Wouldn't a reply by email work best for forum posts, then? No need for a reply button within the email body, but the user would reply using the email client.
  7. omarf added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Email templates   

    Great! I'm hoping you make an announcement that email integration or posting by email has been included in 4.0. ;-)
  8. omarf added a post in a topic: Email integration   

    Are there any news regarding email integration for 4.0? I know I sound like a broken record, but my next forum software must have this feature... and I don't want the developers to forget about it.  :smile:
  9. omarf added a post in a topic: Email to Post & Post to Email functionality?   

    It's an often requested feature and there's a bunch of us holding our breath, hoping it will be included in IPS 4. Search the forums here for "email integration" and you'll see discussions on the topic.
  10. omarf added a post in a topic: Uploading pix from iPad?   

    I've commented on this topic there, too.  :smile:
  11. omarf added a post in a topic: Uploading pix from iPad?   

    In my phpBB 2 forum adding photos from any mobile device is not a problem because of the "Mail 2 Forum" extension which allows users to participate in discussions via email as well.
    Registered users simply send an email with attachments to the desired forum and the message and the attachments are processed as if they were entered via the web interface. Users who want this functionality also get messages and attachments that are posted to their subscribed forums by email.
    To me, this is the holy grail of accessibility because it allows the community to attract users who prefer either a web interface or email (listserv) interaction. That's why I'm lurking around in IPS forums hoping that email integration will become a part of what IPS offers. I'd love to replace phpBB 2 with a modern forum, but it's gotta have email integration.
  12. omarf added a post in a topic: Are they some plans about ipb 4 ?   

    Could you tell us which features from the users' feature requests might be included in v4? Hint, hint: post by email integration ;-) 
  13. omarf added a post in a topic: listserv functionality   

    Is there any activity on the email integration as discussed in the topics below? I think listserv capabilities would fall under this kind of functionality.

  14. omarf added a post in a topic: WebBoard   

    Thanks Ian. That's probably going to be the case: WB -> phpBB...
  15. omarf added a post in a topic: WebBoard   

    Is it possible to convert a WebBoard forum to IPB?
    Ancient stuff:
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