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    Hi everyone,

    first please excuse my English level :)
    Thanks, now let me share my convertion experience with you. We had a phpbb forum and we moved to ipb last thursday.
    The phpbb forum was also a convertion of a hosted phpbb community that I wasn't allowed to move by DB, therefore I moved it with a php code "reading" pages and writing in a mySQLDB (yes, magic trick).

    But this convertion was smooth and easy to do, I want to thank you for your product and the forum, both are valuable.
    I had a 100% success for content (MP, posts, permissions, accounts and so on).
    I had one small error on forum_id, I had nothing visible after convertion but everything was stored in the database, I tracked it back to this error: topics were linked to -say- forum_id = 138 but the forum_id was 224 etc...
    FYI I had a forum structure before migration, maybe it is linked ? Anyway, it was quite simple to correct (~20 forum id to change manually).

    Constructive general remark : the admin panel is awfull to deal with, this is a design issue imo, I keep searching the forum for the path to the option I want to modify.

    Again, great product and great converter.

    our community :

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