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    [quote name='HellaWicked' timestamp='1344456771' post='2295174']Adding all those buttons and whatnot will be like IPS going back to the old board style.
    I would hope they wouldn't add all the buttons out of the box. It would be a similar idea to IP.Content's custom navigation bar. Just have "Like This" as the default button but allow the addition of other "ratings" that could impact a user's reputation (or not).
  2. Mossbot added a post in a topic: Xenforo-like Buttons   

    Just wanted to throw my opinion in here. We've used the post-ratings mod for Xenforo since its release. I would say it's more important to our community than 90% of most other things included with most community software products; such as rating things with stars or reputation. IPB really needs to seriously consider expanding the "Like" system. It engages users to express their opinion without needing to quote posts and saying things like "+1" "I agree" "I disagree" etc. We also noticed that post quality increased and users registration rates went up. We're staying with Xenforo at the moment not for the vanilla software, but mainly for this mod that adds so much to our community experience.

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