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  1. Johnasc added a comment on a file: Navigation Links in Image View   

    Thanks for taking the time to produce this hook Adriano :)
  2. Johnasc added a comment on a file: (M34) Guest Message   

    Is this going to be updated for 3.3.x?
  3. Johnasc added a comment on a file: 6-Second Skin Maker   

    This is a great idea but I think there needs to be more variables to offer finer-grained tuning of the colours. With just 6 variables, I am unable to isolate the clusters of elements I want to tweak - the colour changes affect huge numbers of elements - so I have to resort to diving into the CSS file and tuning the colours line by line.

    So I guess what I am saying is that 30-ish variables would probably be better than 6.
  4. Johnasc added a comment on a file: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Pluses: The skin is very nice - it's clean and works well with Board, Gallery and Blog. Installation was fine and my users appear to like the new look and feel.

    Minuses: There are a couple of odd design choices that the author made, such as to hide search by default and make the social media & RSS feed links almost invisible. These things can be fixed but only if you are willing to dive into the code and make some manual edits.

    Deal-breaker: at the time of writing, support has dried up (check out the support topic to see what I mean). Having support available to me was one of the reasons I bought a paid-for skin.
  5. Johnasc added a comment on a file: IP.Gallery Image on Sidebar   

    [quote name='nohero' timestamp='1320469154']
    Very nice thanks, just what I was looking for :)Is there anyway to move it down below recent topics?

    Just drag and drop the hooks into the top to bottom order you want on the active hooks page :) (AdminCP -> Application Modules -> manage Hooks -> Installed Hooks tab)

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