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  1. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Thumbnail-Related Request for Gallery 4   

    I'd like to be able to choose the centre point of a thumbnail when the thumbnail is based on a crop of the image so that I can have thumbnails that are not created from the centre of the image they are derived from

    Rationale: most photographers don't put their main subject in the dead centre of the frame. Often, they place the main subject quite near to the edge of the frame. So a cropped thumbnail should ideally feature the most important part of the image

    I'd like to be able to control the extent of the part of the image that is included in a cropped thumbnail

    Rationale: same as above... let's say my image's main subject dominates the frame, filling 50% of it - I would therefore want to include most of the frame in my thumbnail. Now for another image, my main subject is just one tiny part of the frame, let's say 10% of it - I would therefore want to crop more aggressively so that the thumbnail really shows the main subject well. Otherwise, it would be lost when viewed at a thumbnail size.

    If you want an example of this in practice, Squarespace offers this feature and it works really well.

    My fingers are crossed... thanks for reading :)
  2. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Board or Gallery - Help me Decide   

    I made a decision now, so please ignore
  3. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Board or Gallery - Help me Decide   

    Thanks... but I'm guessing you didn't read all of my post at the link above? I already have both products and the question is complicated because of where my site is now. Thanks for replying though
  4. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Board or Gallery - Help me Decide   

    I didn't mean the new product(s).
  5. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Board or Gallery - Help me Decide   

    I posted a question about Board v Gallery here but as this is the Gallery forum, some of you may want to help me decide which to choose? Thanks!
  6. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Make Image Magick Available Throughout the Suite   

    This is the response I got to a ticket I raised querying why EXIF data was being stripped from image thumbnails in IP.Board. I'd like to see Image Magick available throughout the entire suite, not just in the gallery.
  7. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Things I hope to See in Gallery 4   

    Thanks for replying Brandon:

    1) Huh? :)

    2) My goal is to restrict the dimensions of an image to within acceptable constraints, in order to achieve a consistency of appearance. This is important for when we run competitions or have any form of vote running. So whilst you already support the setting of a maximum, I want to set a minimum too, to prevent people from uploading tiny images. This happens quite often when new members join and then post images without checking our sizing requirements first. I would not want to expand a tiny image as the quality would then be degraded.

    3) I already use Image Magick but in our forums, the EXIF data is stripped from thumbnails. Is this a bug or is this behaviour different to that of the gallery?

    4) Thanks. Do you know which template I would need to modify?

    5) Thanks

    6) In one use case, we want to use the gallery to share images for critique. In this case, the EXIF data provides the technical settings used and these are factors considered in the critique members provide for each others images. In another use case, we could be running a competition where the judging is blind. So we would need to eliminate the EXIF data that identifies the photographer and the technical settings also tend to be ignored as the judging is more about the overall aesthetics and impact of the image.
  8. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Things I hope to See in Gallery 4   

    I run a high-end nature photo oriented site and image critique is a key part of our member offering. With that in mind, here are some of the things I would like to see in the next release of Gallery:

    Admin control of the maximum permitted image file size, in kb (a per forum setting would be even better) Admin control over the permitted image dimensions (maximum size, minimum size, by longest edge, in pixels) The option to prevent the removal of EXIF data whenever an image is processed by Gallery e.g. when creating a thumbnail or when resizing an image to comply with a maximum permitted image size rule (right now, any resizing strips all of the EXIF data, including the copyright). I appreciate that EXIF data bulks up the image file size but for my community, it's important that we retain it. The option to toggle which EXIF data fields are displayed by default e.g. I want to display aperture, shutter speed, focal length, camera and lens model info, copyright, meta tags and meta description but hide all the other crap The option to display EXIF data field alongside the image (not as a menu item dropdown as is currently the case). If you take a look at the presentation of images on the 500px website, you'll understand where I am coming from (example image here . Note the layout of EXIF data and the clean, no-clicks-required-to-see-stuff layout). The option to toggle the display of EXIF data per gallery/category Thanks for reading this. My fingers and toes are all crossed :)

  9. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Separate Inputs for Test and Live Stripe Gateway API Keys   

    The Admin CP provides two input boxes for Strip API keys (secret key and publishable key) and a Test Mode switch. Throwing the Test Mode switch does nothing as far as Stripe is concerned... you have to manually replace the keys with their test equivalents. It would be better if we had two pairs of input boxes to accommodate all of the API keys.
  10. Johnasc added a comment on a file: Navigation Links in Image View   

    Thanks for taking the time to produce this hook Adriano :)
  11. Johnasc added a post in a topic: Importation forum of MyBB ?   

    I moved over from myBB over a year ago and the whole process went very well. The only issue was that some of the smiley icon thingies didn't make it across in the translations so I ended up with missing image placeholders instead.
  12. Johnasc added a post in a topic: FB meta tag   

    I prefer it for aesthetic reasons (prettier, larger buttons and less cluttered) - so it depends that you mean by "better"
  13. Johnasc added a post in a topic: FB meta tag   

    I don't analyse such things closely so I cannot tell you. I can say that my site runs acceptably fast to me.
  14. Johnasc added a post in a topic: FB meta tag   

    First, do this . You may even want to stop at that point.

    Then sign up with AddThis and choose the buttons you want; when you have them, copy and paste the code they provide you with into the Global Templates > shareLinks template for your skin. I remove all code in this template apart from the first two lines and last line (i.e. the parse code and the if block).
  15. Johnasc added a post in a topic: FB meta tag   

    I replaced the default share buttons with the AddThis ones and it all works fine

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