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  1. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    What to do, if the php-requirements are shown, but the mysql-requirements are completely blank? (no results)
  2. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Recurring calendar events   

    with this changes: is it fxed now, that RSVP's showing up in recurring events, do count for all events (so if I RSVP on event on the 1st, do I see myself RSVP'ing on 5th anymore, if this is set-up recurring) - because that's what's happening right now.... still
  3. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Sharelinks   

    Please include the possibility of 2-click sharing! ( )

    I won't have all user-traffic spied in US, people should be able to turn the sharing option ON and then share.... otherwise, facebook/google/twitter/co. knows every visited site/traffic..... I won't have this anymore
  4. ThomasS added a post in a topic: 2-click Facebook sharing (privacy)   


    As I'm not very horny on getting watched in US of A (NS of A) via Facebook-Buttons, instead of deactivating them, this site here offers a way to enable a 2-way activation.

    So before you share, you just have to slide a button.... so no permanent data-transfer to america on you site
    (sorry for the german, but the code is pretty simple to understand I think)

    Is it possible to built this feature into the board?

  5. ThomasS added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Thanks for this great app

    Is there a plan, when this will be available via mobile ipb skin? (I've seen some discussion about it, but no exact release-information)

    Thanks in advance
  6. ThomasS added a post in a topic: Feature Request: Hide post from anyone but the author   

    that's the so called "invisible ban"

    banned user will see own posts/threads, but no one else (except admins/mods, who will have a great lough)

    it's great... until the person logs out and checks why no one is ever answering... because he is the only one who can see his posts ;)

    I'm interested into that too.... for the great fun :]
  7. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: Some development decisions made prior to 4.0   

    regarding point "Improving automatic deployments"
    I think this only affects your staging enviornment, but I'd like the chance to say again => please rethink the automated upgrade mechanism you put into production shorty.... updating the board version via website click
    this does only work for the licensed production envrionment and does NOT work for local or other test-installations (like I'm running my own staging environment and I do upgrade this EVERY time before upgrading production and I've found quite a few side-effects which would be a BIG problem in production)
    so please work on that upgrade mechanism, to enable this on staging enironments on customer side - as this is included in the license (one non productive installation)
    thanks in advance
  8. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: Auto-Upgrader   

    the license includes one non-productive installation.... so is it possible to implement it like that, to have two URL's for the staging environment?
    I'd like to avoid uploading it manually in staging and then doing it in another way in production.... it's crucial from my point of view, to do it the same way
  9. ThomasS added a comment on a blog entry: Auto-Upgrader   

    sounds interesting... is there a way to put the staging-area also in there?
    I'd like to run this against my staging area and test everything out BEFORE upgrading production.... to see if everything worked out fine
    How does this handle with non-standard templates and adaptions of css-stuff... is the template merging included here?
  10. ThomasS added a post in a topic: Some Gallery 5 Feedback   

    thanks for info, can you tell me what the four .php scripts are for in the tools folder of the gallery package?
  11. ThomasS added a post in a topic: Some Gallery 5 Feedback   

    just a quick one:

    I haven't found a readme/installation manual for the gallery5 package. Nor in the download, or in the documentation area... simply upload and enter ACP? (or something else to do with the gallery4 rebuild php-scripts?)

    something else for preparation upgrading gallery4 to 5 ?

    thanks in advance
  12. ThomasS added a post in a topic: RSVP recurring events   

    still struggling.... workaround available, instead of creating RSVP's every week?
  13. ThomasS added a post in a topic: RSVP recurring events   

    I've the same issue

    we do have a re-occuring meeting every sunday => if you're RSVP'ing one meeting, seems like you're attending the meeting every week and not only at one date

    is there a workaround/fix for that? or is the really the only solution to enter the meeting each week again and again... which would make re-occuring meetings pretty useless...
  14. ThomasS added a post in a topic: 24 hour format   

    there you go:

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