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  1. MikeP1990 added a post in a topic: SEO help   

    Sorry for the delay in my response here, I never got a notification...
    Overly-Dynamic URL
    I think their crawler is talking about the app=function& parts.
  2. MikeP1990 added a post in a topic: SEO help   

    I've got an IP.Board setup, unfortunately I cannot provide a URL for specific reasons.
    I'm using SEOMoz and it reports thousands of overly-dynamic URL's spawning from the forums, mainly from tags, quick navigation, new content and some other parts.
    Does anyone know how to reduce this?  Also I've been told that the IP.SEO plugin supports meta-tag descriptions for everything but I don't see it anywhere.  Is it just for pages or does it work for threads and such as well?
    Any help appreciated.

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