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  1. Rugger added a post in a topic: Restoring a deleted topic from a backup   

    If you are confident with MySql you can restore the thread and it's posts in there. Essentially get the thread and it's posts from the backup database and then manually insert them into the live database. 
    Once done just re-cache everything to be sure and it should be fine. I have done this sort of thing a few times but you do have to know what you are doing. 
  2. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Just checked the download and yes there is no 'public folder' which is as it should be. 
    I removed the icons from the specific skin folders but forgot to change the read me so you don't need to worry about that. The read me folder does not need to be uploaded. The only folders to be uploaded are the admin and uploads folder as per the read me. You can import the block located in the blocks folder from within your ACP.
  3. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    I think it should be 7d2d rather than 72d2. If you provide me with the server details I can take a look. 
    I am in a bit of a fix with the next update as I have moved from a Windows server to a Linux server. Now although that doesn't affect this app it does affect some of my other private applications. To get over this I have been adding my private applications to this application which will be released. 
    Essentially the features that will be in the next update are:
    - Management of B3 Data Repositories ( )
    - Linking of forum accounts to in-game accounts via B3 repository and group synchronisation
    - Punkbuster, COD2, COD4, COD5 ban file synchronisation to B3 repository
    - General bug fixes
    I do like the idea of having furl templates as it generally makes it look nicer. I will research how easy it is to implement and depending on that include it in the next update.
  4. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    You should be able to leave the query port blank with most things and the query library will use the default.
    All tasks are executed by page loads essentially and as such rely on people loading the website to run. If the next run time is set to the past then it will run if you spam refreshed the front end. However that's not the best solution. 
    I have my test site where I manually run tasks when I want to test them and the main site uses a cron for all tasks. This means that it should not affect page loads and also is more consistent.
  5. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Also the task is set not to log. You can change that by editing the task and enabling logging. 
  6. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Teamspeak 3 should show a player list.
    Task execution truly depends on how busy your website is. If you do not have much traffic then the tasks won't run. You can use a cronjob though that will do the automatically on the schedule.
  7. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Are all the queries failing for multiple game types? or is it just Teamspeak 3?
    If you can provide all the game server details I can check that they can be queried. Or alternatively use one of these servers to check the library:
    COD4: >XI< NEW MW2 Freezetag
    COD5: >XI< DM Custom Maps 
    Teamspeak 3: >XI< Teamspeak
    Generally using the test scripts located in the sources folder gives you more of an idea why a query may be failing as the errors are more evident.
    Hope this helps, if not I will take another look.
  8. Rugger added a post in a topic: SSO
  9. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    I'm not sure why it is doing that, you are using the latest version correct?
    I can see that you have been able to add the servers so I would assume that it is a redirect issue rather than the server entries not saving - would that be a correct assumption?
    If you are OK with it could you provide me with an ACP account to take a look for myself? it can be limited to that single application. 
  10. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Glad you sorted your previous questions :)
    What are you saving when you get a white screen and what is the URL at the time?
  11. Rugger added a post in a topic: i would like to see networking of forums between IPB sites   

    If you want the same content on multiple forums can't you just have an RSS Import? Isn't that what it's for?
  12. Rugger added a post in a topic: IP.Board Fatal Error   

    That was it! (almost).
    The database was fine :) had imported correctly and everything, it was that I had never set it in the conf_global.php - never had to do that on Windows for some reason. 
  13. Rugger added a post in a topic: IP.Board Fatal Error   

    Looking for some help here hoping I don't have to proceed to a ticket. 
    "Your settings could not be read by IP.Board. This is a fatal error and IP.Board cannot function while this issue persists."
    I am moving the website from a Windows platform to CentOS. I moved a test website and it was fine but moving this website has proved difficult. I do suspect that at some point the site was in a different charset but was not converted correctly. 
    Really could do with some advise on how I can sort this. I have confirmed that the tables are the correct charset between the old database and new. 
  14. Rugger added a post in a topic: Advanced Forum Permissions?   

    This already exists. It's the same thing as the Test forum on this website. Use the 'Allow posters to view other member's topics' setting.
  15. Rugger added a post in a topic: [XI] Server Management   

    Ok I have uploaded an update for the couple of script errors. Download and extract over the existing files, although only a few have changed. 
    I have been able to setup your TS3 on my website and query ok. For your BF3 servers I think it's a port issue. Check the server config files for the query port as i'm not sure it's the default. 

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